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When twenty-something James Valentine pays an unscheduled visit to a fortune teller in Whitby, he is told that he’s going to meet three women that will influence his life in ways that he could never imagine!

It’s the fabulously funny story of a struggling magician trying to find true love somewhere amongst the gay bars, working men’s clubs and cake shops of a West Yorkshire town.

A fruit cake, an International drugs dealer and the Heimlich Manoeuvre play pivotal roles in this tale of romantic failure set during the ’80s in the un-glamourous locale of Huddersfield.

Not For Me!

Not exactly what I expected!

James Valentine is aiming to make it on stage as a magician; on his way he visits a fortune teller in Whitby who tells him he will meet three women who will influence his life in ways he could never imagine. This is the story of his romantic endeavours while he struggles to have a successful career, doing what he loves.

I started off full of hope for a fun read, with a good bit of romance along the way but I’m afraid I’m still looking. I have a sense of humour; actually, quite a good sense of humour and I normally enjoy romantic comedies but the ‘humour’ in this one was missing for me. At first, I thought perhaps it was autobiographical or biographical but, no, it was just fiction. I struggled to find anything funny in it at all. The main character came across as selfish and a trifle misogynistic to be honest. I’m sure this is very modern comedy but it passed me by. The continual use of swear words – and it was continual – show a lack of understanding of the English language which most writers possess. In addition to glaring continuity errors there are also several spelling and grammatical errors, and the book would definitely benefit from a good edit.

I’m not usually as negative about any book I have read but, believe me, I struggled through this one desperate to find something positive. I’ve had a quick glance at other reviews and feel I must have read a different novel. I know I’m sometimes a little out of step but I really cannot find anything good to say. It’s not for me and, sadly, I cannot recommend it either. I’m sure there are some readers out there who will love it – it struck me very much as ‘one for the lads’. For me, reluctantly, one star.

My thanks to the publisher for my copy; this is – as always – my honest, original and unbiased review.

Tags: general fiction

Author Details

Graham started out as a freelance comedy writer and sold scripts to the BBC. More recently, he has written six best-selling comedy books of original material for performers. He lives near York, North Yorkshire, England and has two daughters. Let’s Hear it for the Boy was his debut novel.

  • Twitter: @hey_graham
  • Facebook: @comedyvariety


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