High Tea Low Opinions by J. New #BookReview #Tea&Sympathy8 #Phantom Press #5*

Meet Lilly Tweed. Former Agony Aunt. Purveyor of Fine Teas. Accidental Sleuth.

Politics can be Murder!

It’s election time in Plumpton Mallet and for the first time in years, the mayor has a rival.

Lilly and Abigail are hired to provide a luxury high tea for a council fundraising event to benefit the town. It’s a triumph. But at the end of the night, all the success is forgotten when a body is found.

Lilly is determined not to get involved this time. But after several sleepless nights, she capitulates. She won’t be able to rest until the killer is caught.

Her sleuthing reveals bitter rivalry and animosity beneath the polished exteriors of the town’s officials. As well as plans that would ruin Plumpton Mallet completely. It’s not until she pieces together the final clue that she realises what happened.

But to catch the killer, she’ll have to set a trap. And there’s no guarantee it will work.

High Tea Low Opinions is the eighth book in the exciting Tea & Sympathy series. If you like twists and turns, red herrings galore and big crimes in small British towns, then you’ll love J. New’s latest series. Full of lively personalities, intelligent characters and excellent tea!

Tea & Sympathy series

  1. Tea & Sympathy
  2. A Deadly Solution
  3. Tiffin & Tragedy
  4. A Bitter Solution
  5. A Frosty Combination
  6. Steeped in Murder
  7. Storm in a Teacup
  8. High Tea Low Opinions

Gorgeously Crafted Series!

I so enjoy a good mystery series – and this is one of the very best!

When Lilly and Abigail cater a local fundraiser to benefit the town, they realise there is quite a rivalry between candidates for the upcoming election. With all going well, they are just tidying up when a body is discovered. Lilly can barely believe it, and vows not to get involved this time. However, as the days pass and she can’t put her mind at rest, she decides to do a little sleuthing. What she discovers is inconclusive; in order to out the murderer, she will have to lay a trap . . .

Another fine tale from this gorgeously crafted series. I just love all the details the author slips into her story – all of which, of course, divert me from the ‘whodunnit’ part of the book! With each story, everything advances – Lilly’s career and her personal life and that of the other characters. I love the idea of Plumpton Mallet, and The Tea Emporium sounds absolutely wonderful. I drink in (sorry) all the details, and now we can all purchase the products! Check out the new website at https://theteaemporiumonline.com where you can find teas and china as sold by Lilly and Stacey. What a fabulous idea! I hope this series just keeps going – it is so very enjoyable! 5* and my full recommendation!

I downloaded this in ebook format via Kindle Unlimited; this is – as always – my honest, original and unbiased review.

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Author Details

J. New is the author of The Yellow Cottage Vintage Mysteries, traditional English whodunits with a twist, set in the 1930’s. Known for their clever humour as well as the interesting slant on the traditional whodunit, they have all achieved Bestseller status on Amazon.  J. New also writes the Finch and Fischer and the Tea & Sympathy mysteries, both contemporary cozy crime series. 

Jacquie was born in West Yorkshire, England. She studied art and design and after qualifying began work as an interior designer, moving onto fine art restoration and animal portraiture before making the decision to pursue her lifelong ambition to write. She now writes full time and lives with her partner of twenty-two years, along with an  assortment of stray cats and dogs they have rescued.

For rights enquiries (other than e-book & print), please contact, Sarah Hershman at Hershman Rights Management.


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