September 2022

Just over five years ago, I embarked on an adventure when I began blogging. I have loved every minute of it but it is time to call it a day. I have arthritis and it is affecting my hands more; on top of that I’ve had a few falls recently, each one taking longer to recover from than the last and I now need to use my walking stick even indoors and everything just takes so long! When my husband retired last year I cut back on the number of books each month but I’m finding that preparing posts etc is just taking longer and longer.

On the bright side, I will probably be reading more now and I will still be reviewing (old habits die hard) but only on Goodreads. If you enjoy my reviews, you can find me there as Grace J Reviewerlady.

I hope you’ve had a good month. It’s sad to see summer retreat but autumn has it’s good points too. It’s certainly chillier in the mornings and evenings, and days of sitting in the garden have gone, but there’s a lot to be said for cosying up with a good book. Of course, with rising energy prices, we’ll all be piling on the woollies and turning the thermostat down!

September’s reads have been enjoyable, as always. It is never easy to choose just one book, but this month I’m excited to select Snowday by Bernadette Maycock as my Book of the Month. The first in series, I read the second one some time ago for a blog tour and enjoyed it so much I’ve been trying to fit in this one since then. I’m only sorry I waited so long! This book made me giggle and infused me with some Christmas spirit; full of festive sparkle I’ve been sorting out my gift list for the family! Berni has written several more books – why not give them a try?

Thank you for joining me on my journey. My thanks also go to the publishers, publicists, blog tour hosts and authors who entrust their novels to me. With so many talented writers out there and I always feel privileged to be contacted with review requests. There are lots of amazing bloggers out there, please follow some of them – you will make their day! Take care, and


15 thoughts on “September 2022

  1. I have enjoyed your blog Grace and will miss it, but I am pleased that we will still be able to touch base on Please look after yourself and enjoy your reading and the time that you spend with your husband. Bless you, lovely lady. ❤📚

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  2. You have been a huge part of the blogging community over the years. You will be missed.
    Now it’s time to catch up on your own book pile and enjoy spending time with your lovely husband, family and of course your fabulous Facebook group.

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  3. You have such a beautiful talent with words, Grace. I’m so glad I can still follow you on Goodreads. But I will miss your web design and posts… (I may even copy bits and pieces of your design ideas🤫).

    I’m curious where you live. General idea. Would you mind sharing? ~ Debbie


  4. Thank you for reviewing the children’s book I illustrated, and I wish you all the best going forward! This has been a lovely corner of the internet, and I will be sorry to see you go.

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