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I am happy to be contacted with a view to reading and reviewing books.  Due to dexterity problems, I only read on kindle (mobi.file). I will consider most genres, but fantasy, horror and sci-fi are really not my kind of thing, although I have dabbled in lighter paranormal reads. Please note that I do not read gothic, overly graphic novels – including domestic and sexual abuse, anything with gore or steamy romance. If I accept to read your novel, I will give you a rough guideline as to when I shall be able to read it. If, however, I cannot complete the book then no review shall be offered.

As of January 2022, due to my husband’s retirement, I have cut my list by around 50% which, in turn, affects the amount of books I can accept onto my list.

I am also happy to host Blog Tours and / or Blog Blitzes either by offering a review, an extract and / or a giveaway. I also host Cover Reveals and Spotlight posts.

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PLEASE NOTE:  What I offer is a review* and not a critique**

review*     – an article which gives a personal opinion about a new book, play etc.

critique** – a detailed explanation of the problems of something, such as a book

Preferred genres – in no particular order:

  • Crime, especially police procedurals
  • Mystery, including ‘cozy’ and historical
  • Thriller
  • Women’s Fiction
  • Contemporary Fiction
  • Romantic Comedy
  • Historical Fiction – especially set around WWI / WWII
  • Family Drama / Saga
  • Amish / Mennonite / Quaker fiction

I always provide honest reviews – professional, not personal. I do not include spoilers in my reviews but rather give a brief outline of the story plus my opinions on my experience as a reader.

In addition to inclusion in this blog, I share my completed review on the following:


Facebook – personal

Facebook – professional

And also (where applicable) on the day of publication (for arc’s) or when my review is completed for those already released:

*Please note I no longer leave reviews on Amazon due to their unfair policy of culling certain reviewers from placing reviews.

Please do not be offended if I do not accept your book for review – this is usually because of time constraints. As much as I try to elasticate my days, I haven’t quite managed it yet!

Honesty and integrity are important to me; the review on my blog is exactly the same as the one which appears on all other sites. If I cannot finish a book then I do not offer a review but all published reviews are my own opinions.

You can contact me at I will always try to get back to you within 48 hours, outwith that please feel free to remind me.

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