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The poignant prequel to Matilda Windsor Is Coming Home is a tragic yet tender story of a woman robbed of her future who summons the strength to survive.

All she has left is her sanity. Will the asylum take that from her too?

In 1939, Matilda is admitted to Ghyllside hospital, cut off from family and friends. Not quite twenty, and forced to give up her baby for adoption, she feels battered by the cruel regime. Yet she finds a surprising ally in rough-edged Doris, who risks harsh punishments to help her reach out to the brother she left behind.

Twenty-five years later, the rules have relaxed, and the women are free to leave.

How will they cope in a world transformed in their absence? Do greater dangers await them outside?

An Emotional Prequel – Highly Recommended!

A wonderful novel filling in Matilda Windsor’s life – and resulting in so many emotions!

Matilda Windsor, like so many others before (and after) her, fell pregnant out of wedlock. Her family cut her off; forced to give the baby up for adoption she was then sent to the asylum. The only saving grace was meeting a fellow ‘patient’, Doris. Together they manage to just about survive until times change . . .

I vividly remember reading Matilda Windsor is Coming Home – it is not the kind of book you forget easily, and this is a marvellous prequel. I have swung between anger, frustration and tears at the treatment of young women at this time in history (not that long ago) while the young men concerned were patted on the back for their exploits. There is no doubt that this will tug at your heartstrings; I don’t think it would be possible to read without feeling the greatest empathy with Matilda and Doris. I definitely recommend this one but, please, make sure you also read the first book. Trust me, you won’t easily forget either one. Anne Goodwin writes beautifully, really getting under the skin of her characters and, for me, this is a sparkling five star read. Highly recommended!

My thanks to the author for my copy of her novel; this is – as always – my honest, original and unbiased review.

Tags: historical literary fiction

Author Details

Anne Goodwin’s drive to understand what makes people tick led to a career in clinical psychology. That same curiosity now powers her fiction.

Anne writes about the darkness that haunts her and is wary of artificial light. She makes stuff up to tell the truth about adversity, creating characters to care about and stories to make you think. She explores identity, mental health and social justice with compassion, humour and hope.

An award-winning short-story writer, she has published three novels and a short story collection with small independent press, Inspired Quill. Her debut novel, Sugar and Snails, was shortlisted for the 2016 Polari First Book Prize.

Away from her desk, Anne guides book-loving walkers through the Derbyshire landscape that inspired Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre.

Subscribers to her newsletter and download a free e-book of award-winning short stories.


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