Curmudgeon Avenue #Book Review

Written by Samantha Henthorn




They say that walls have ears, and some even say that walls can talk. So when Curmudgeon Avenue takes a disliking to its new owners, the four storey Victorian terraced house starts narrating a diary about the intertwined lives of the various new inhabitants and extended family. If Curmudgeon Avenue has to put up with this set of nincompoops from Whitefield, Manchester then so should you.

Sisters Edna and Edith inherit the first house on Curmudgeon Avenue from their parents Mr and Mrs Payne who were killed in a freak accident involving an elephant. The two sisters could not be more different if they tried, and now they have to live together in the house they grew up in several decades ago, bringing the baggage of the past with them for our enjoyment. It seems that Edith cannot stop bumping into exes of her older sister, Edna. First there is Maurice – you won’t believe what happened with him. Then, whilst Edith is heartbroken and vulnerable, she meets the notable Harold – another ex of Edna’s who she really does not want to see. With Edith’s son Ricky Ricketts and his on/off girlfriend Wantha (yes that really is her name) trying to protect the sisters it is only a matter of time before Curmudgeon Avenue is filled with laughter. But then things change when yet another ex of Edna’s returns, Madame Genevieve Dubois (although things are not as they might seem with this French woman).

This enjoyable novella will introduce you to the wacky and wonderful series of Curmudgeon Avenue – enjoy!




Fab, Fizzy and Full of Fun Frolics!!  5 stars


If you enjoyed the ‘soaps’ when they used to be full of fun and laughter – and had a light-hearted storyline, then this is DEFINITELY one tor you!

The house in Curmudgeon Avenue was rather grand in it’s day but due to lack of funds as the years went by, it has slipped into a state of disrepair. Sisters Edna and Edith grew up there and, despite not being the closest of siblings, find themselves living there again follow the death of their parents in a freak accident.

This tale is narrated – unusually – by the house itself, which adds to the whimsy of the story. As we learn more about the relationship between the sisters, we get a peek into their childhood and learn about them as adults, we make the acquaintance of others who come into their world. Written in a fabulous style, this is immensely entertaining and very funny indeed. Even before I began reading, I was drawn to the title – Curmudgeon Avenue is such a fabulous name for what was once a ‘posh’ street and it lives up to it’s name throughout. Even the cover is perfect! If you enjoy a beautifully written tale from an author with an eye for detail and amazingly well-created quirky characters, then this is one for you. I can hardly wait for the next instalment!

My thanks to the author for bring her new novel to my attention. This is my honest, original and unbiased review.


Tags: humour


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  • Print Length: 146 pages
  • Publisher: Amazon Media
  • Publication Date: 19 July 2018
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Meet the Author



Samantha Henthorn was born in 1970something in Bury, England. She has had short stories and poetry published in magazines. She has recently published a short story collection ‘Quirky Tales to Make Your Day’. She has self published a short children’s novel, Piccalilli. She has also written two adult fiction novels, and many, many more to come…


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3 thoughts on “Curmudgeon Avenue #Book Review

  1. My house ‘spoke’ to me the first day I saw it so I totally understand the unusual narrator. 😀 From one Quirky to another, ‘Hello Samantha. Best of luck with your book.’

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