The Lost Notebook by Louise Douglas #BookReview #BoldwoodBooks #NetGalley #5*

A notebook full of secrets, two untimely deaths – something sinister is stirring in the perfect seaside town of Morranez…

It’s summer and holidaymakers are flocking to the idyllic Brittany coast. But when first an old traveller woman dies in suspicious circumstances, and then a campaign of hate seemingly drives another victim to take his own life, events take a very dark turn.

Mila Shepherd has come to France to look after her niece, Ani, following the accident in which both Ani’s parents were lost at sea. Mila has moved into their family holiday home, as well as taken her sister Sophie’s place in an agency which specialises in tracking down missing people, until new recruit Carter Jackson starts.

It’s clear that malevolent forces are at work in Morranez, but the local police are choosing to look the other way. Only Mila and Carter can uncover the truth about what’s really going on in this beautiful, but mysterious place before anyone else suffers.

But someone is desperate to protect a terrible truth, at any cost…

Intricate & Intriguing!

Such an excellent read!

Following the death of her sister and brother-in-law, Mila Shepherd has relocated to their Brittany holiday home to care for her teenage niece, Ani. She has also replaced her sisters – at least, temporarily in the family agency which specialises in tracking down missing person. With holidaymakers flocking to the area during the summer months and an archaeological dig nearby, the area is busy enough but then and old woman dies in suspicious circumstances and a man goes missing. These things don’t sit well with Mila and she decides to do a bit of investigating – but is she putting her, and Ani’s, life in danger?

This is a book where you need to keep your wits about you as you act like a detective – don’t discount a single thing! I was completely engrossed in what was happening although, for quite some time I had no idea where it was leading. This is an enticing read on so many levels; personal, family and a gripping mystery thrown in. I relished each and every word. Louise Douglas is an author who never disappoints, and this latest novel is worthy of carrying her name. A terrific read, highly recommended. 5*!

My thanks to the publisher for my copy via NetGalley; this is – as always – my honest, original and unbiased review.

Tags: crime mystery, holiday fiction

My books are usually described as contemporary Gothic stories, most often with some dark romance or a psychological element.

I love to write about love, not only in the romantic sense. I also enjoy writing about animals, nature, and the countryside, feeling deeply connected.

But it’s people and the secrets they keep that truly fascinate me. It’s the things we don’t say that reveal the most about us; the walls we build and the masks we wear to make ourselves appear strong, when the truth is, we’re trying to protect our vulnerable hearts.

If you enjoy a compelling, emotional storyline, and like reading about flawed characters who confuse what they want, with what they need; if you like travelling with characters towards a resolution, if you believe good people deserve to find happiness, you might enjoy this book.

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