July 2022

Well, I’ve moaned about the lack of heat in our summer, so when it arrived it went over the score – thirty degrees plus for Scotland is practically unheard of! I know that those in the south of the country suffered far higher temperatures – at least the weather, in general, is better. After two days we were back to the usual unpredictability. Today is been overcast with a spit of rain on and off all day – it’s obviously not going to be one of our better summers.

It’s been quite a month, one way and another. Our youngest grandson Ben, aged 3, went into hospital to get his tonsils out. He’s a brave wee lad, took it in his stride but then his parents prepared him for it. His tonsils were enormous, and he was forever being ill with a high temperature. It will make a big difference to him and his family. Here he is before and after the surgery and, as you can see, he enjoys being in the water and begins swimming lessons next weekend! He’s taken it all in his stride, and is now back at nursery.

As always, this month I have taken a break from my usual reading list to catch up with all the books I keep setting aside for ‘one day’. I expected to be reading lots of lighter reads, but surprised myself by getting really into crime thrillers and have enjoyed catching up with a few series .. and I’m looking forward to making a bigger inroads into them soon. It’s been very relaxing; I’ve enjoyed it so much that I’ve decided my blogging days are numbered – I have so much more I want to spend time doing.

So what was my favourite book for July? There are so many vying for the top spot but one novel edges ahead. As always, it was a riveting read from a series I have lingering on my kindle, knowing that it’s there, waiting for me. On top of a stunning story with twists and turns, what nosed this one into the lead was the author’s notes at the end of the tale, explaining all about the area it’s set it, the history and how it affected the story. The Rat Stone Serenade by Denzil Meyrick is a terrific read, one I highly recommend and am thrilled to name it my Book of the Month for July 2022.

So, onwards and upwards! As an eternal optimist, I still live in hope of warm, sultry days to spend in the garden – perhaps an Indian summer is just around the corner, who knows? In the meantime I have a reading list for August to complete, and September’s list is rapidly nearing the full mark. I hope you get time to enjoy the weather, see you next month. Until then . . .


2 thoughts on “July 2022

  1. I’m pleased you have enjoyed your ‘month off’. I couldn’t do what you do it would feel like being back at school and having to do homework- it would take the pleasure out of reading for me, however we do appreciate your reviews. Thank-you Grace.

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