It Started With A Kiss by Lisa Hobman #BookReview #BoldwoodBooks #NetGalley #5*

Can two strangers’ dreams lead to their destiny?

American Star Mendoza is living in her dream location, Edinburgh, a place she discovered in British novels while growing up.

Employed at a trendy city centre coffee shop, quirky, pink-haired Star spends her days fantasising about a handsome businessman she serves daily.

He’s totally out of her league but a girl can dream, right?

Fin Hunter is exhausted from striving for his father’s elusive love and approval, and of following a life path of his family’s making.

When things go drastically wrong Fin decides it’s time to stand on his own two feet and follow his own dream.

Star is bereft when her handsome stranger stops coming to her coffee shop, but a chance encounter in the most unlikely of places leaves her wondering if her fantasy could now become a reality?

Can opposites attract over their love of a city and music or is their story simply doomed to fail?

Delightfully Yummy!

A gorgeous tale of love which will touch your soul.

Star Mendoza is an American who knows that the right place in the world for her to be is Edinburgh, Scotland. She works in a coffee shop, has fabulous pink hair and her interest is piqued each morning when a certain businessman pops in for his daily caffeine fix; not only is he handsome but his accent does it for her every time. Fin Hunter has spent his whole live striving for his father’s approval. He is now a lawyer, not so much through choice as expectation and, same scenario, is about to get married. Love doesn’t even come into it – his parents have set the bar, and it’s set high. When Fin and Star meet, sparks fly – but do they have a future?

Everything about this novel is just yummy! The characters, the setting, and the wonderful storyline all come together under an expert eye and a fabulously crafted tale is the result. With twists and turns – and a few villains along the way – it’s the kind of book you just sink into and, although you want the right conclusion, you don’t want it to end. Absolutely delightful from beginning to end, and one that will leave you with a lightness of heart. Thoroughly enjoyable, and easily worth all five sparkling stars! Highly recommended.

My thanks to the publisher for my copy via NetGalley; this is – as always – my honest, original and unbiased review.

Tags: romance

  1. Format: ebook, paperback, audiobook
  2. Size: 346 pages
  3. Publisher: BoldwoodBooks
  4. Publication Date: 21 April 2022
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Author Details

Lisa is a happily married mum of one with two energetic dogs who make cameo appearances in some of her books. She loves writing and creating new characters and now has the pleasure of writing almost full time.

In 2012 she relocated, with her family, from England to their favourite place in the world: Scotland, and they’re now happily ensconced in village life. The stunning country she now calls home was the inspiration for her writing career, and so it’s only fitting that it features in all of her books.​

Writing has always been something she’s enjoyed, although in the past it has centered on poetry and song lyrics; some of which appear in her stories. But to now be a published author with Boldwood Books is a real dream come true. 


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