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Meet Lilly Tweed. Former Agony Aunt. Purveyor of Fine Teas. Accidental Sleuth.

It’s all steam ahead as Lilly and Archie board The Lakes Express on their first official date.

The train is full of writers travelling to a conference, which adds to the ambience and piques Archie’s interest.

But what starts as pure luxury ends in chaos. On the journey home, the train screeches to an unsanctioned stop in the middle of nowhere.

Night has fallen, it’s pitch black outside, and a body has been discovered. The scene staged to mimic one of the best loved crime novels of all time.

Currently on board a luxurious 1930s steam train, the homage is not lost on Lilly and Archie, who are asked to help. But its meaning eludes them.

Can they discern the truth from myriad lies? Cut egos down to size while dealing with bouts of creative jealousy and finally unveil the culprit?

And can they do it before the police arrive?

Steeped in Murder is the sixth book in the exciting Tea & Sympathy series. If you like twists and turns, red herrings galore and big crimes in small British towns, then you’ll love J. New’s latest series. Full of lively personalities, intelligent characters and excellent tea!

Buy Tea & Sympathy today and see if you can work out whodunit!

Tea & Sympathy series

  1. Tea & Sympathy
  2. A Deadly Solution
  3. Tiffin & Tragedy
  4. A Bitter Solution
  5. A Frosty Combination
  6. Steeped in Murder

A Stunning Sixth Mystery!

I can’t tell you how much I enjoy this series!

Lilly and Archie are finally going on a date – their first ‘official’ outing. Boarding The Lakes Express for a taste of luxury travel, they find it packed with those heading to a writer’s conference which, of course, interests Archie. After a wonderful day, they return to the train for the homeward journey only to find that, like one of the most famous mystery novels, there has been a murrrrder (I’m Scottish, think of how Taggart would say it)! Lilly’s reputation goes before her and with the police delayed, they are asked to step in and do some preliminary detecting; is it possible they could solve the crime before officers arrive?

This is a terrific series, full of details and with something new to learn with each book. Lilly and Archie’s relationship has developed over the previous five novels, and it’s good to see them finally together. Jacquie New has an eye for detail and it shows in this story; I learn something new with each one and there are always an influx of characters so the perpetrator is never obvious. A cracking mystery in a truly amazing setting, beautifully described – as always – and totally worth all five sparkling stars. Highly recommend – not only this novel, but this entire series.

Having been enthralled with this series, I purchased this novel; this is – as always – my honest, original and unbiased review.

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Author Details

J. New is the author of The Yellow Cottage Vintage Mysteries, traditional English whodunits with a twist, set in the 1930’s. Known for their clever humour as well as the interesting slant on the traditional whodunit, they have all achieved Bestseller status on Amazon.  J. New also writes the Finch and Fischer and the Tea & Sympathy mysteries, both contemporary cozy crime series. 

Jacquie was born in West Yorkshire, England. She studied art and design and after qualifying began work as an interior designer, moving onto fine art restoration and animal portraiture before making the decision to pursue her lifelong ambition to write. She now writes full time and lives with her partner of twenty-two years, along with an  assortment of stray cats and dogs they have rescued.

For rights enquiries (other than e-book & print), please contact, Sarah Hershman at Hershman Rights Management.


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