March 2022

After all the chilly months – and, trust me her in Scotland it was very chilly – it was heartening to have the warmth of blue skies and sunshine last week. The pleasure of sitting outside is immeasurable – I even broke out the flip-flops! However, as I’m typing this the snow – yes, SNOW – is falling outside. Talk about changeable!

It’s been an expensive month, domestically. It began with having to replace one appliance, and ended up with three – all major expense. However, with a new tumble dryer, dishwasher and fridge freezer, the kitchen is looking smart. Let’s hope that’s the spending done with for a while! It’s been a quiet month family-wise as our son, his partner and their son all contracted Covid so there wasn’t as much visiting as usual. However, before that hit, grandson Ben was at a party and met his idol, Spiderman – and isn’t he chuffed?

I’m continuing with the Wasgij craze – terribly addictive! I have commandeered the dining room table and it’s the most soothing hour of the day when I sit down in there, usually with two labs at my feet. However, this month has also seen my ‘reduced’ reading list grow a bit more – I shall have to be much stricter next month! The problem is, of course, that there are so many good novels out there and I want to read them all . . .

I’m very lucky that this month was bursting with first-class novels, making it no easier to choose just one. However, there is one which I have recommended several times over; the circumstances were so realistic that any of us could have found ourselves in the position of the protagonist. To pen such a stunning, unputdownable book must the be dream of most writers and this is all the more amazing as it is a debut novel! I found myself mesmerised as I read The Choice by S. J. Ford and it’s not one I will easily forget. Highly recommended and a novel I am delighted to choose as my Book of the Month for March 2022.

Here we are, almost at April – it can’t just be me who thinks this year is speeding past! Having peeked at my list, I can see I have sixteen books there already so I shall have to stay strong and stick to the script! I really hope we see some more sunshine and blue skies – wouldn’t that be just fine and dandy?


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