February 2022

Just as we finally manage to shed the coughs and colds which plagued us since Christmas, the weather decided to turn it’s attention our way. Far luckier than most, we suffered little damage to our home and garden and my heart goes out to all those who were flooded, lost power and have a long way back to rectify things.

It’s been a quiet few weeks – after all, who wants to go out when it’s wet and windy or, laterally, snowy! I didn’t expect to get up to a white out last Thursday but that’s exactly what I got . . .

It’s been a lovely, relaxed month as I settle into my new reduced reading list; after someone in my book group mentioned Wasgij’s, I just had to take a look and have become addicted to them. Basically jigsaws, these are different in that the picture you create isn’t the same as the one on the box lid, but rather what happens next or, in some cases, the view as seen by one character. Highly recommended – and impossible to only do one!

With sixteen books read and reviewed this month, there were several novels in contention for top place; as always, a second look at my reviews followed by a bit of thought helped me come to a decision. I read two novels by this author this month; knowing I had the second in series I purchased the first and loved it so much that I could barely wait to read the next. The Ash Carter Near East series is set in the post WWII period and there is a lot of history I was completely unaware of, ramping up my interest. The author obviously does a lot of research and provides a wealth of interesting details as well as a stunningly good storyline. I’m both thrilled and delighted to select The Kill Crew by Murray Bailey as my Book of Month for March 2022.

Hopefully, next month will bring a touch of spring to brighten our days; so far we have one small clump of snowdrops in the garden – the only one to appear out of the 400 or so bulbs my husband planted the year we moved into this house over two decades ago. Hopefully, a few crocus and daffodil flowers will follow. I see from social media that many gardens are already flourishing with spring flowers but we live in the chilly north!

I hope you all have a stack of books waiting in the wings to see you through next month! There is a lot of angst in the world at the moment and a little escapism is needed more than ever. Let’s hope we are in a better place in a month’s time.


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