The Lake House by Kate Watterson #BookReview #DetectiveChrisBailey1 #JoffeBooks #5*

Two missing women.
One unidentified victim.
A witness who may have seen too much.

Lauren Mathews, while lounging on the shore, sees a man lugging something heavy into a boat the morning after she and her friends hear a strange cry ring out across the lake in the dead of night.

Detective Chris Bailey is stumped. He’s trying to solve the mystery of a drowning with an unidentified victim. But with no leads, he’s getting nowhere. And now, at the same lake, two more women suddenly have gone missing.

Chris suddenly finds he has an array of murder suspects but no bodies. At the center of it seems to be a young woman, Lauren Mathews. He doesn’t know what role she plays, but he does know she is of interest to at least three of the men under suspicion.

But a pattern is emerging. Another body surfaces.

The killer will stop at nothing to stay hidden.

But as he draws closer to unraveling the mystery of dead women, Chris begins to fear Lauren will be next on the killer’s list.

A Cracking Read!

Such a lot going on in this one!

Two couples are planning a nice, relaxing break at the lakeside home belonging to a relative of one of them. More luxurious than expected, they look forward to a chilled week but fate has other ideas in store. A local detective has a missing woman case on his hands which quickly escalates into two missing women and an unidentified body. As Detective Chris Bailey works the case, he finds himself returning to the holiday home more and more often as things escalate with their neighbour; the big question is, are the holidaymakers quite as innocent as they seem?

Now here a story which will keep you on your toes – there is a lot happening, and not just disappearing people! The location sounds idyllic (although here in Scotland, the midges would be out in force), an ideal getaway to recharge the batteries but add in a creepy neighbour, constant police visits and the uncertainty of knowing whether you are suspects or witnesses and the stress begins to stack up. This is a riveting read and one which kept me glued all the way through. I loved the epilogue, it tidied everything up neatly and left no unanswered questions as well as leading the way to the second novel which I will definitely be looking out for. A cracking read and one I’m delighted to recommend and give all five stars.

My thanks to the publisher for my copy; this is – as always – my honest, original and unbiased review.

Tags: crime thriller

Author Details

Kate Watterson grew up on a steady diet of mystery and suspense novels. If there is intrigue involved on the
page, she is a fan. An award-winning and bestselling author, she and her husband live on a lake in the beauti-
ful wooded hills of rural southern Indiana with their two dogs and a very temperamental cat. She also writes his-
torical novels as Emma Wildes.


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