A Frosty Combination by J. New #BookReview #Tea&SympathyMystery5 #PhantomPress #5*

Meet Lilly Tweed. Former Agony Aunt. Purveyor of Fine Teas. Accidental Sleuth.

It’s Christmas in Plumpton Mallet, but it’s not all holiday cheer and goodwill.

The festive season brings with it the biggest and most important event of the year for Plumpton Mallet, the annual Christmas Market. Attracting visitors nationwide, this time it’s bigger than ever.

But there’s one unexpected arrival who’s not welcome, and he’s out to cause trouble.

When a lifeless body is found outside Lilly’s shop, she’s shocked. But the arrest of one of her staff changes the shock to anger and compels Lilly to turn sleuth once more to prove their innocence.

Yet proving one person innocent means another must be guilty and this time Lilly might not be ready for the truth.

Another Cracking Addition to this Series!

Having read the first four books prior to Christmas, I made myself stop and have savoured the idea of this one just waiting for my attention!

As Christmas approaches in Plumpton Mallet, all thoughts turn to the Christmas market which is expanding year-on-year and now brings a huge influx of visitors and customers to the town. However, one such visitor is there only to cause trouble. When a body is discovered close to Lilly’s shop, her sleuthing skills are once again called upon to get to the bottom of things and put everyone’s minds at rest before the festivities begin.

Lilly Tweed is the proprietor of the most marvellous tea emporium; even though I’m a coffee drinker, my mouth waters with every packet she sells. Such wonderful flavours! With the addition of the cafe in which Lilly is a partner, the business and the staff are expanding; with adjoining stalls at the Christmas market for both, Lilly is busier than ever, but a dead body on the day soon means she is once again embroiled in finding out ‘whodunnit’. I love these stories – each one is so very different to the last and yet they are all quite delicious! I was surprised more than once along the way, but the identity of the murderer was the biggest shock of all – I certainly didn’t see that coming! I am absolutely delighted that there are several more to come in this series and shall be on red alert for each and every one of them. This is an absolutely charming series, beautifully written with charismatic characters and an enigmatic mystery at the heart of each and every novel. A full five sparkling stars and my hearty recommendation not only for this one, but for all.

I chose to purchase this novel; this is – as always – my honest, original and unbiased review.

Tags: mystery

Author Details

J. New is the author of The Yellow Cottage Vintage Mysteries, traditional English whodunits with a twist, set in the 1930’s. Known for their clever humour as well as the interesting slant on the traditional whodunit, they have all achieved Bestseller status on Amazon.  J. New also writes the Finch and Fischer and the Tea & Sympathy mysteries, both contemporary cozy crime series. 

Jacquie was born in West Yorkshire, England. She studied art and design and after qualifying began work as an interior designer, moving onto fine art restoration and animal portraiture before making the decision to pursue her lifelong ambition to write. She now writes full time and lives with her partner of twenty-two years, along with an  assortmentof stray cats and dogs they have rescued.

For rights enquiries (other than e-book & print), please contact, Sarah Hershman at Hershman Rights Management.


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