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Detective Mike Nash thought that moving back to Yorkshire from London would give him a quieter life. Little did he know . .

A violent murderer has escaped from Felling Prison.

Craig French slit the throats of a husband and wife and stole the luxury watches from their safe. But not before slicing the letter F into their foreheads.

Now he’s on the loose.

But French’s mother says that he wasn’t fit to stand trial — he had amnesia and couldn’t even recognize his own mum.

Mike Nash is not convinced either. But he is certain of one thing: there’s a dangerous killer out there somewhere. And whoever it is must be stopped.


A highly talented detective, he was a rising star in the Metropolitan Police. Following a particularly gruesome case involving a sadistic serial killer, Nash turns down the chance of promotion and heads back to his native county of Yorkshire. He hopes that returning to his roots will bring peace of mind. However, although the pace of life seems gentler, the crimes prove no less horrific. His skills are tested to the limit by a series of violent crimes that threaten to ruin his plans for a more relaxed lifestyle. Nor is his secret ambition to settle down made any easier by his one weakness, a seemingly unquenchable thirst for female company. That is, until . . . ?
The books are set in a fictional rural North Yorkshire with a scattering of market towns, many small villages and countryside that changes from high moorland with dramatic crags, mountain tarns and sparse vegetation, to the gentler, lush agricultural land lower down the valley that is bisected by the river Helm. The town of Helmsdale is where Mike Nash and his team are based, in a sub-division of their headquarters in the larger town of Netherdale. Further to the west is Bishopton, also part of the hub our detectives cover.

  1. What Lies Beneath
  2. Vanish Without Trace
  3. Playing With Fire
  4. Killing Christmas
  5. Slash Killer
  6. Alone With A Killer
  7. Blood Diamond
  8. Dead & Gone
  9. Hide & Seek
  10. Running Scared
  11. The Bleeding Heart Killer
  12. Chain Reaction
  13. Cut-Throat

A Puzzling Thriller!

Another series where I’m late to the party – but I’m so glad to have finally got here!

When a couple are murdered during a robbery at their home, Craig French is found guilty on all counts and sentenced to prison. Now he has escaped, and the case lands on Mike Nash’s desk. French’s mother says he was never fit to stand trial in the first case due to amnesia and, as Mike and his team begin investigating, they tend to agree. But with more killings taking place with the same MO to the first one, there is definitely a murderer out there; if it’s not Craig French, then who could it be?

I’ve often looked at books from this author and never quite managed to fit them into my list so was delighted when this one came along. Well worth waiting for, this is a very cleverly crafted tale and one which kept me wondering. Mike Nash and his team are very personable and obviously experienced in what they do. It’s very refreshing to read a crime series where the officers aren’t at each other’s throats! Rather puzzling to begin with, everything is worked out in a methodical manner – and a very good read it is too! With just the right balance of business and personal, this is a series I would like to read more of. Very enjoyable, recommended, and 4.5*.

My thanks to the publisher for my copy and to Jill Burkinshaw for my spot on this tour; this is – as always – my honest, original and unbiased review.

Tags: crime thriller

Author Details

Bill Kitson is the author of the DI Mike Nash thrillers, plus the Eden House Mysteries featuring amateur sleuths Adam Bailey and Eve Samuels, all commercially published.

He also writes The Greek Island Romances along with several other titles, all published independently in support of a Greek charity for disabled children, ELEPAP. All royalties from these books are paid directly to the charity.

Living and working throughout the north of England he is now retired from the finance industry and lives on the east coast, where his writing never stops. He can often be found on a Greek island, staring out to sea, laptop at the ready.


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