September 2021

The long, hot days of summer are very much a memory now as autumn takes over. The leaves are beginning to change colour – always very pretty to look at – and the mornings have a distinct chill to them. There have been some gorgeous looking sunny afternoons, but they don’t have any heat in them. Outdoor reading is very much just a memory here in Scotland.

It’s been a quiet month, family-wise. We see our youngest grandson regularly and have video calls with another two living in Japan. Our eldest one is now in his final year of school – how time flies! Our labradors, both getting older (aren’t we all) are both showing signs of arthritis but the medication is obviously helping them – which is a relief. They are very much part of our family!

An exciting month, reading-wise, with a fabulous selection of books on my list. With thirty novels read and reviewed and several earning the coveted five stars, it’s never easy to select just one which stands out from the rest. However, my chosen winner is a book which struck me as awesome from almost the very beginning and is one which I don’t think I will ever forget. The Hidden Child by Louise Fein is an incredibly breathtaking read and one I have already recommended to friends. An absolute masterpiece and a must-read which I’m delighted to have as my Book of the Month for September.

Looking forward to next month, my list is already full so I know in advance what I’ll be reading and am looking forward to each and every one of them. Whatever else you have planned for October, may I wish you


One thought on “September 2021

  1. Thanks for sharing a little of your life, Grace. Yes, grandchildren do seem to grow up very quickly. My youngest is 4, the eldest 14, and it only seems like 5 minutes ago that he was 4!
    It’s hard when our beloved pets start showing signs of old age. I still miss our old blue heeler, Beau, who was a rescue dog, and passed away 2 years ago at the wonderful age of 16.
    I have heard of neither this author nor this book, but will be checking it out. Stay safe and keep reading. ❤📚

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