The Ugliest Man on the Mountain by Mark Laming #BookReview #BlossomSpringPublishing #5*

Amber McCarthy is a young woman with a high IQ and a well-paid job, but it is never enough for her and she seeks the thrill of planning and executing the perfect burglary.

On meeting wealthy businessman, Kane, her life changes and she relishes the challenge to win his love.

A new enemy at the door plays havoc with her plans and Kane moves to Andalusia.

With just one last chance of rebuilding their relationship, Amber believes she has the answer.

A thousand miles away in Spain, Kane has a shock in store for Amber that changes everything.

Original & Beautifully Written!

This is the third book by this author I have read and reviewed and, while I have thoroughly enjoyed each of them, I have to say that he has excelled himself with his latest novel.

Amber is an intelligent young woman with her own flat and a responsible, well-paid job but she can’t resist the thrill and excitement of planning and carrying out the perfect burglary. When she meets handsome Kane, she vows to change, get her life together and, hopefully, love and romance will follow. But there are other things at work, including a new enemy of them both who is determined to keep Amber and Kane apart. What follows leads to Kane relocating to Spain and Amber trying to rebuild her life. Will their paths ever cross again?

From the very beginning, I was completely pulled into this one; I took to Amber right away. She is a well-rounded and fully developed character – as is Kane, but they are very different to each other. A delightful and attention grabbing read which kept me reading long after I should have nodded off, but there was always something happening to keep my eyes glued to the page. An original and expertly written tale by this author, who I now also count as a friend. Not only is Mark an excellent writer but he is a thoroughly nice and decent man. A terrific read with lots going on and fully deserving of a full house of stars. Definitely a recommended read!

My thanks to the author for my copy; this is – as always – my honest, original and unbiased review.

Tags: romantic suspense

Author Details

My passion has always been writing and I am unable to imagine a day without putting the laptop through its paces. As a young boy I remember hiding in the wings of my father’s theatre in Harrogate, staring in awe at the actors rehearsing for a show that he had written. Irrefutably, a tiny slice of his magic, thankfully, rubbed off on me and became the catalyst for my storytelling.

Over the years I have gone on to produce over two hundred short stories, three novels and I am in the process of writing another one. Four of these stories were recorded in 1997 on the Shirley Ludford Show for broadcast on BBC Radio Wiltshire Sound. More recently I have become a regular contributor to a Dorset magazine group. My interests include horology and being grandfather to four colourful characters who continually test my mind and bank account!

Check out my website; view the Home page, select Blog for photos, news, reviews and the BBC Radio interview in January 2018. Listen to ‘The American Author Show’ interview of the 18 April 2019.

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