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As war rages, everyone has to do their bit…

Bristol 1941

As the clouds of war grow bleaker both at home and abroad, the Tobacco Girls are determined to do their bit for King and Country. To that end Maisie Miles and Bridget Milligan become voluntary ambulance drivers.

As well as coping with the frequent air raids, Maisie is kept on her toes with three new junior employees one of whom is particularly testing.

Bridget’s heart becomes torn between family loyalty and American tobacco tycoon Lyndon O’Neill III, the man she loves.

Meanwhile Phyllis Harvey has joined the WAAF, opting to serve overseas whilst trying to escape her past. Her letters home are upbeat and her friends are initially envious of descriptions of sunshine and blue sea. The truth she hides is that life on the island of Malta is fraught with extreme food shortages, daily air raids and the fear that tomorrow might never come.

The future appears far less certain as the reality of war bites into The Tobacco Girls’ lives.

The Tobacco Girl series

  1. The Tobacco Girls
  2. Dark Days for the Tobacco Girls
  3. Fire and Fury for the Tobacco Girls

Another Fabulous Tale!

Another terrific read in this very enjoyable series!

We’ve now reached 1941 in this wonderful saga, and all three of our girls are determined to ‘do their bit’ for the war effort. Phyllis joined the WAAF and is happy to be posted abroad and put some distance between herself and her troubled past; now in Malta, she leads her friends back home to believe it’s all sun and happiness whilst in reality there are daily air raids and extreme food shortages, but she doesn’t want them to worry. Bridget and Maisie continue with their work at the cigarette factory whilst volunteering to drive ambulances on the evenings they aren’t fire-watching. Maisie has her hands full during the day watching over three new starts and Bridget is madly in love with Lyndon, her American love – but the ties to her family are strong. She will have to decide where her future lies.

I’m very fond of a good domestic saga set during WWII, and this is both and interesting and an exciting read. With these three young women all coming from differing home lives, there is a lot to be learned and I relished their individual details as well as admiring their strong bond. Lizzie Lane has her finger on the pulse of friendship and family and it all adds up to a rather exciting read! Until now, I was completely unaware that women had served on the island of Malta, and I do like to learn something new from each book. As well as focussing on the ‘we’re all in it together’ spirit, this story doesn’t shy away from the darker side of what went on during the war. While this is a complete stand-alone read, the author has the magic touch of always leaving a little something to make you eager to read the next book and this time is no different. A fabulous tale, beautifully written as expected and easily earning 4.5* and my recommendation.

My thanks to the publisher for my copy and to Rachel Gilbey for my spot on this tour; this is – as always – my honest, original and unbiased review.

Tags: historical women’s fiction, WWII

Author Details

Lizzie Lane is the author of over 50 books, a number of which have been bestsellers. She was born and bred in Bristol where many of her family worked in the cigarette and cigar factories. This has inspired her new saga series for Boldwood The Tobacco Girls, the first part of which was published in January 2021 with the second following in June 2021.


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