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1914 was the year that the First World War started.

It was simple: a very important person from a big country went to visit a small country and got himself killed. Threats were issued. Tensions rose. Now, one hundred years later, could the same thing happen again? Could history repeat?

What if the small place was Salford, not Serbia? What if the dignitary was from China, not the kingdom of Austria-Hungary? Other things are similar – the international tensions, the treaties, the posturing. Luckily, this time, we’ve got Melia. She’s been asked by Captain Gibson to organise Security for the visit. She has only one task – keep the visitor alive. That can’t be so difficult, can it? Well, there’s the international terrorists at work. They seem to be a bit of a problem. Then there’s the traitors in the diplomat’s own party. Then there’s the government back home, who don’t seem that worried about losing the high-ranking official. Then there’s the man’s own family – for, it turns out, he has family in Britain, some in in Salford. They don’t seem keen to welcome him.

Then there’s Mickey. There’s always Mickey. For Melia, he’s always a problem, but this time he seems even more problematical than usual. He’s talking about retiring. Why, in heaven’s name, NOW? Of all times, this one when she really needs him. Surely he can stick around, for a while? At least, until the mission is over, and the next world war is averted.

Can’t he see he’s needed?

Very Different!

Well, this is certainly an alternative kind of thriller!

Melia has been put in charge of organising security for the visit of a Chinese government official – not to London, the capital, but to Salford. The importance has been explained to her drawing similarities to events in 1914 when a visiting dignitary was killed in another country and the fallout led to the great war. So there is plenty at stake – can Melia get it right?

Having read this from beginning to end, I’m still not entirely sure what to make of it. At times I wondered if it was a bit of a spoof, but I suspect it was just a very different style of writing to what I’m used to. Perhaps, I would have felt differently if I had read the series from the beginning? As it was, I often felt wrong-footed and I reckon that I’m not really the target audience for this book. Regardless of my personal feelings towards the novel, a final edit would have made it much more palatable. As followers of my reviews know, I’m only too happy to hold my hand up to being a bit pedantic and minor errors do annoy me more than most. Having checked other reviewers opinions (after writing my own), I can see that – not for the first time – I’m out of step! If you like something different to read, this may well be one for you. For me, it’s 3.5*.

My thanks to Henry Roi PR for my copy of this novel; this is – as always – my honest, original and unbiased review.

Tags: suspense thriller

Author Details

Free-wheeling author Mike Scantlebury confuses a lot of readers. Most days he writes adventurous stories, but he has so many other creative interests as well, it’s hard keeping up. Sure, you can find his books in all good online book-stores, but there’s e-books and paperbacks too, as well as a slew of audio-books that he’s narrated himself. Is that why he’s on Sound Cloud? No, he’s also got songs up there, as well as podcasts. You can also find him on You Tube. Talking about writing? Of course, but also performing, (songs, yes, and he’s also made a series of short drama movies, with local friends).
For a dedicated author, it’s almost as though he has NO PLAN at all. Well, yeah, That’s why they started calling him ‘Free-wheeling’. He’s so laid back, you never know what he’ll be doing today.
Still, if you want to read what he’s written – novels, short and long – try the usual book outlets. But if you want to hear him TALK, search out audio-books, (as well as podcasts on Sound Cloud). If you want to hear him SING, it’s Sound Cloud again, (plus You Tube), and if you want to see him act, try You Tube (and
That voice? It will tell you one thing. Mike Scantlebury is from the West of England. In fact, he’s the North West’s only West Country crime writer. That sounds like fun. He deserves an Award for that in itself!


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