June 2021

Apart from a few less warm days last week (when the schools here broke up), summer has landed! This is my time of year .. days spent in the garden with my kindle to hand. My skin is beginning to get that sun-kissed glow about it – not always easy to achieve in Scotland. A few months of this would be my preference but it’s out of my hands!

This month I’ve read 26 books – again, a good variety of authors and genres. As always, it’s a hard job choosing one outstanding book for the month and I begin by re-reading reviews of all the novels I’ve given five stars. Each one different in style and all top class reads but there was one book which stood out from the rest. I’m more familiar with this author’s humorous novels and have spent many a night disturbing my other half as I giggled and shook with laughter while he tried to sleep. His latest novel, however, is of a totally different genre and is rather awesome. A story which made me smile but also had me reaching for tissues. Jessup by Stephen Ainley is my Book of the Month for June and I highly recommend it. Not one to be forgotten easily and not one to be missed.

As it’s been such a busy year – 170 books read and reviewed in the first six months – I am taking a break from my blogging list for the month of July. I shall still be reading; I have a stack of books not on that list and I’m going to read a few of them while also having some lazy days, hopefully in the sunshine!

Have a wonderful summer,


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