Knife Edge by Kerry Buchanan #BookReview #DetectivesHarvey&Birch1 #JoffeBooks #3.5*


Nic always hated clubbing.

She only went out that night because she’d promised a friend.

She wakes up, naked and bound in an abandoned cottage in the middle of nowhere. Dappled light comes in through a dirty window. Her body is covered in cuts. Across the room her friend groans in pain.

A shadow passes the window. He’s back.

He picks up a knife. He begins to cut her friend. In that moment of bloody frenzy, Nic wrenches free and runs.

She’s finally safe. But this is just the beginning.

Detectives Asha Harvey and Aaron Birch arrive at the scene hours later. There is no body, there is no sign of the killer. It’s as if it never happened.


Fast-Paced but in Need of Final Edit!

I do love a new crime series to get my teeth into!

Nic hates clubbing, but is persuaded to join her friends. Next thing she wakes, tethered, naked and with various cuts all over her body and her friend groaning in pain. When their abductor returns, choosing a knife from his selection and beginning to attack her friend again, Nic manages to escape and runs for her life. When the police attend the scene, there is no sign of her attacker or her friend’s body. Far from the end of Nic’s ordeal, this is just the beginning.

Nic’s story is terrifying; the very thought of it is enough to give me nightmares. A fast-paced, exciting story to keep every reader racing through the pages to find out what happens next. Excellent characters and plenty going on. I loved the pairing of the two detectives and would love to continue with this series. However, the book really needs a final edit; there are several errors which need attention and, being a pedant, they annoyed me. I actually downloaded the book to see if it was my arc copy but they remain in the final one. I look forward to the second novel, and have settled on 3.5* for this one.

My thanks to the publisher for my copy; this is – as always – my honest, original and unbiased review.

Tags: crime thriller

Author Details

Kerry Buchanan lives amid the rolling County Down hills that feature in her debut crime series. When she isn’t writing, Kerry performs her work at literary events and participates in literary panels, and works with new writers. She is disabled, and passionate about sailing and attempting to outwit the slugs in her vegetable patch.


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