Wine Thief by E. Robert Brooks #BookReview #PaperbackPress #4*

Beneath the veneer of genteel civility . .

the world of fine wine has been tainted at times by fraud and scandals, most of which, through the ensuing years have been conveniently forgotten.

But the vinous subterfuge I encountered dwarfed all the previous crimes, and threatened to completely implode the fine wine business…

An Interesting Read!

I can’t make up my mind whether this is fact or fiction, but either way it’s a very interesting read!

For anyone who drinks wine, this will be a real eye-opener; who knew there was as much room for jiggery-pokery in the wine world?

With tales going back many years, this is a novel which pulled me in and left me quite fascinated with the things that vintners get up to! I imagine that the author has done a fair bit of research before beginning to write and he has produced an enticing and exciting novel. At times, this reads like fact – I actually thought it was all factual until I began to bring this review together and realised that the author creates fictional stories. It’s a riveting read, mentioning varieties of wine which I’ve tasted and some which I’ve only read about, and usually in relation to their high price. A book which held my attention all the way through and is definitely worth reading. I’m very happy to give this one four stars.

My thanks to the author for bringing his novel (which I downloaded via Kindle Unlimited) to my attention ; this is – as always – my honest, original and unbiased review.

Tags: historical mystery

Author Details

E. Robert Brooks is an author and composer who writes historical fiction mystery stories that feature subjects such as- fine wine (Wine Thief), equestrian competition (Pirouette), bicycle racing (Derailed Gears), vintage motorcars (The Concours Caper), luthier handmade guitars (The Latent Luthier), and tales of the sea (scheduled release 8/21). His published songs include Fire In The Heavens and Anathema Anthem.


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