April 2021

Now it may be that I’m just getting older, but it seems to me as if this year has suddenly taken a turn of speed; we’re one third through it already! I’m delighted that we have had a few days where I could lie out in the sunshine with my kindle and my coffee – accompanied by two labradors of course, who never let me out of their sight. It’s not been sitting out weather this week, but at least the overall temperature has risen a little, although it has got colder and colder each day lately. All I want is hot summer days – is that really too much to ask? Well probably, as I live in Scotland!

It’s lovely to see the results of lockdown easing, when we can meet up with family and friends again. I can’t say I was that excited that I got up to queue outside shops for them opening though – did you? As a disabled person, my trips out are few and far between and I’m thankful for online shopping. After all, I fill my days with books!

This month, I have read and reviewed a total of thirty books, bringing my total this year to a not-too-shabby 118. I still have plenty on my list though – not sure I’ll ever run out of reading material. I’ve tightened up my ratings this year but, even so, still have seven novels which have score a full five stars this month. As always, I have re-read my reviews and considered each and every one; the one which shines out is Backstories by Simon Van Der Velde, an anthology of beautifully written stories based on an original concept. I revelled in each and every one and really cannot recommend them highly enough which is why this is my Book of the Month for April.

Now, onto next month. I have no idea how many books are on my list for May. This has been a difficult week with my laptop playing up and yesterday I took delivery of a new one, but it always takes that little bit of time to get it just the way you want it, doesn’t it? Be assured, my list is full and I’m looking forward to getting started. I will also be closing down my facebook page and opening up a group instead so it’s going to be a very busy weekend! Whatever you’re up to, I hope the sun shines for you and your reading list has some fabulous books on it! Until the end of May …


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