Syrian Wives by Anna Halabi #BookReview #IndieAuthor #ShortStoriesAboutSyrianWomen2 #5*

Provocative. Hilarious. Endearing.

Another collection of amusing stories by Anna Halabi.

Syrian Wives is the sequel to her debut collection Syrian Brides.

The stories and characters in this collection are inspired by her personal experiences, as well as those of her relatives and friends.

Full of Wit & Wisdom!

Having enjoyed Anna Halabi’s previous novel, Syrian Brides, I was delighted to be asked to review this one.

This is a very entertaining collection of stories of a different culture which made me smile, grin, laugh, chuckle and most definitely brightened my day.

Anna Halabi writes with a warm, bold understanding of both men and women’s natures and their persistent attempts to get one up on each other. Each one of these tales is a pure delight, all different but each one so enjoyable. If I had to pick one – it would be difficult – but I think the first one took me by surprise the most! This is an author who knows her subject and has a wonderfully fresh way of writing with a surprise or two concealed among her words. Both novels are ones I definitely recommend and although it’s not necessary to read both, why wouldn’t you want to enjoy the wit and wisdom twice over? I really cannot find fault with this novel (even if I wanted to) and am very happy to give it all five sparkling stars.

My thanks to the author for requesting my review; this is – as always – my honest, original and unbiased review.

Tags: anthology, cultural, humour

Author Details

Anna Halabi was born and raised in Aleppo, Syria. She emigrated to Europe in 1999 for her university studies. She currently lives with her family in Germany.

“Syrian Wives” follow on from “Syrian Brides” which was her debut as an author. The stories and characters in both collections were inspired by her personal experiences in Syria as well as her relatives, friends and TV shows.


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