Janey Trelawney’s Year of Surprising Triumphs by Georgia Hill #BookReview #GoldcrestBooks #4.5*

Janey’s life becomes more disaster movie than romcom when the ruthless Becca steams in to manage Cheney House.

Her job as head gardener in peril and her self-confidence in tatters, Janey must fight back. Finding an ally in Will, who’s more Clark Kent than Superman, it’s up to them to save the day while owner Clare is away having her Shirley Valentine moment. It doesn’t help that everyone is in love with the wrong people!

Why can’t people love the one who loves them back?

Will Cheney House survive – and will Janey ever get her When Harry Met Sally happy ending?

Find out in this warm-hearted romance from the author of the best-selling Millie Vanilla’s Cupcake Café, full of Gregory Peck look-a-likes, snowdrops, cake, and a cocker spaniel called Camilla.

Truly Delightful!

Such a lovely, feel-good read with it’s roots firmly in nature!

Janey Trelawney loves her job as head gardener at Cheney House where the workers are a tightly knit force, almost like family. However, owner Clare decides to take a long break and hands over to a new manager who rules with an iron fist, upsetting everything and everyone – not least Janey. She destroys what little self-esteem Janey possesses and destroys any hope she has of a relationship with the man of her dreams. Things are changing – will Cheney House survive?

I LOVE Janey Trelawney! She is real, natural and so similar to most of us who don’t look perfect all the time or have their life falling into place exactly as we imagine. Georgia Hill produces such wonderful, entertaining stories with the best characters, always beautifully written and enticing. I particularly like the appearance of a character from a previous series of this author, bringing us up-to-date with her life. There has been some excellent research to produce the fine details I so enjoyed in this one – I feel I’ve learned a lot about snowdrops! Truly delightful and a real pleasure to read, earning 4.5* and my recommendation.

My thanks to the author for my copy of her novel; this is – as always – my honest, original and unbiased review.

Tags: romance

Author Details

I’ve always written – journals, diaries, some really bad poetry! And I’ve always talked a lot about writing a novel. When I moved house for about the ninth time in as many years and lost my precious notebooks, I decided the time was right to write! So I began a long short story based on two characters who nagged and nagged until they were written down. I completely rewrote that story and the result was my first novel Pride and Perdita.

I’ve moved on to write warm-hearted and up-lifting contemporary and timeslip romances about love, the power and joy in being an eccentric oldie and finding yourself and your community.  There’s always a dog. It’s usually a naughty spaniel of which, unfortunately, I’ve had much experience! My books are now firmly rooted in seaside towns similar to the one I live in. I love history especially when it insists on rearing up and battering at the present.

As a child I had an invisible friend called Gonky who lived on the third stair  from the bottom (true story). As an adult my invisible friends inhabit my head and refuse to leave until I’ve committed them to paper.

Readers of my books can escape into a warm bath of words and, no matter what challenges I throw at my characters they will, ultimately, have a happy ending.


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