Sweet Erin by Sian Turner #BookReview #IndieAuthor #4.5*

Erin is struggling.

There are problems at school, and at home her work-obsessed parents rarely seem to notice her at all. Then an extraordinary app introduces Erin to a girl named Carys and the pair begin an inexplicable – in fact utterly impossible – friendship.

While both girls are struggling to face their own demons, Carys makes an astonishing announcement which brings a new dimension to the girls’ already unique friendship.

Will Carys help Erin find the fresh start she desperately needs, and can Erin help Carys restore her crumbling relationship with her father?

Sweet Erin is Sian Turner’s fifth novel in the genre of magical realism. It’s about hopelessness and hope, endings and new beginnings and about enemies, friends and family; a book for anyone who has ever been eleven years old.

Praise for Sian Turner:
‘Compelling reading’
‘Thought provoking’
‘Curiosity builds up from the first chapter’

A Very Cleverly Written Novel!

There are two elements to this story that I don’t often read: young adult and magic realism. However, this was a book I rather enjoyed!

Erin is lonely. Her parents are both so busy working that she’s not sure that they even notice her some days. School has it’s difficulties too, but then Erin finds an online friend – or rather, an online friend finds her. Both girls need a sounding board and their unlikely friendship gives both of them the chance to vent and – who knows – perhaps even find a way to deal with the things which worry them.

Now here’s a story which brought back so many memories of years gone by. On the face of it this is a sweet and gentle tale and yet, it’s so much more. I was completely captivated – so much so that I was surprised when I realised I was at the end. The title was perfect and the cover a puzzle – until I read the story. This is an author who knows how to grab her audience and hold them there until the very last. With a fine array of characters – all so different and yet so ordinary, this is a very cleverly written novel with a satisfying conclusion and one I’m happy to recommend. 4.5* from me.

My thanks to the author for my copy; this is – as always – my honest, original and unbiased review.

Tags: YA fiction, magic realism

Author Details

I am a UK author based in East Sussex and am a long-standing member of Shorelink Writers. My first two novels were historical fiction stories, but I now write magical realism (contemporary novels with a paranormal/supernatural element).

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To anyone who has bought one of my books, a resounding THANK YOU. Reviews are tough to get though, and can make or break a book, so a huge double thank you if you have also reviewed any of them.


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