February 2021

February has been a month where we’ve had it all, weather-wise. After really hard frosts, torrential rain and howling winds, it’s finally dried up and, dare I say, temperatures are even to be considered as mild. The bulbs are pushing through the soil and we have our usual one clump of snowdrops. When we moved into this house, over 26 years ago, my husband planted 200 snowdrop bulbs in the grass. For years, not one popped up but recently we’ve have one or two flower heads. This year we have eight on the same plant. What happened to the other 199? Your guess is as good as ours!

The good news about lockdown is the rollout of the vaccine is continuing and gathering pace. Is the end in sight? We certainly hope so! Like most, my first thought is ‘when will the hairdresser re-open?’

Book-wise, it’s been another packed month with a total of twenty-eight books read and reviewed. My list is now full up to the end of May! February has provided a good selection of genres, one or two which have taken me out of my comfort zone and, as always, choosing one outstanding novel never gets any easier. As I look back on this month’s posts, I can’t look past one book based on a true story which I knew nothing about. A Beautiful Spy by Rachel Hore is an incredible tale of one young woman’s service to her country in trying times. A beautifully written, riveting read and one which will stay with me. Completely mesmerising, and one I have no hesitation in recommending. A worthy choice for my February Book of the Month!

Looking forward to March I’m hoping that, even here in Scotland, I’ll soon be able to sit out with my mid morning cuppa and get some fresh air into my lungs. It has been a long winter and I crave a bit of sunshine! At the moment I have thirty books on my list; perhaps, for once, the total will remain the same come the end of the month.

Keep well, stay safe and happy reading!


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