Singapore Fire by Murray Bailey #BookReview #AshCarter6 #BlogTour #5*

It’s a new year and a potential new beginning.

Ash Carter is in love, but Su Ling is inextricably linked to Andrew Yipp, the head of the biggest Chinese Secret Society in Singapore. Political tensions are high and the Secretary for International Security tasks Carter to find evidence against Yipp. Fail to do so and Su Ling will be arrested and charged.

Once again caught between the government and the criminal gangs, it’s time for Carter to choose.

Escape now or stand and fight.

A Cracking Read!

I enjoyed this one so much that I wish I had discovered the series before now!

Ash Carter has a military background and still has the contacts; which comes in handy in his line of business. Carter is in love, and it’s being used against him. For a ‘secret’ romance, there are a lot of people are aware of his relationship with Su Ling who is both the niece and employee of Andrew Yipp who is up to his neck in dirty dealings. When a government minister wants the low down on Yipp, he uses Carter by threatening Su Ling if he doesn’t deliver the necessary. Between the gangs and authority is an uncomfortable place to be . . .

I came to this one with fresh eyes, not having heard of the series before but I will most definitely be trying to catch up with it! This is a stand-alone read – no harking back to what has gone before so I am able to do that without spoilers. Ash Carter is a marvellously created character; very honest and realistic with some excellent traits. This story flows smoothly from beginning to end – I couldn’t put it down! There is so much happening and just when you think you’ve got one bit sorted there’s more to get to grips with, but by the very end there are no unanswered questions although there are certainly a few surprises! A cracking read and one I’m so very happy to have read and recommend to all who enjoy a great story with a good bit of action. Without a doubt, a five star read.

My thanks to the author for my copy of his novel and my spot on this blog tour; this is – as always – my honest, original and unbiased review.

Tags: mystery thriller

Author Details

I have always enjoyed writing and, as a child, I even managed to be published in both the Times Educational Supplement as well as my local paper the Lichfield Mercury. Unfortunately, this didn’t lead to publishers knocking on my door. After studying Physics at the University of Southampton followed by Applied Mathematics at Cambridge, I entered the very different world of Consumer Credit.

Although I edited Credit Risk International for a year, contributed and edited 3 textbooks and wrote two more, my passion has always been with fiction – in particular, thriller and crime writing. Surprisingly, I discovered there is quite a large overlap between credit risk and crime writing – not least, the amount of logic, problem solving and analysis that each requires.

I have been writing as a hobby for more than 10 years and, after a lot of encouragement from my wife, finally focused on getting something published. My first book, I Dare You, is available as a paperback or Kindle version through Amazon and was followed up in 2017 by the sequel, Dare You Twice. My second work, Map of the Dead, allowed me to indulge my passion for Egyptology and will be followed up by Secrets of the Dead in 2018. Black Creek White Lies, based in Cornwall, is a stand alone written for my mother. The Ash Carter series was influenced by my father’s experiences in the Royal Military Police in 1950s Singapore. Singapore Girl is the second in the series and Singapore Boxer the third. Hopefully 2019 will see episode four.

Born in Greater Manchester, England, I have gradually moved south until I reached the beautiful Dorset coast where I now live with my wife and family. Having young children and an all-consuming passion such as writing doesn’t leave much free time, but when I do take a break I enjoy running and cycling, kayaking along the gorgeous River Stour and building sandcastles with my children.


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