Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro #Book Review #Faber&Faber #NetGalley #4*

One of the most acclaimed novels of the 21st Century, from the Nobel Prize-winning author

Shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize

Kazuo Ishiguro imagines the lives of a group of students growing up in a darkly skewed version of contemporary England.

Narrated by Kathy, now thirty-one, Never Let Me Go dramatises her attempts to come to terms with her childhood at the seemingly idyllic Hailsham School and with the fate that has always awaited her and her closest friends in the wider world.

A story of love, friendship and memory, Never Let Me Go is charged throughout with a sense of the fragility of life.

‘Exquisite.’ Guardian
‘A feat of imaginative sympathy.’ New York Times

What readers are saying:

‘A book I will return to again and again, and one that keeps me thinking even after finishing it. 5/5 stars’

‘I loved it, every single word of it.’

‘It took me wholly by surprise.’

‘Utterly beautiful.’

‘Essentially perfect.’

Beautifully Written & Strangely Compelling!

Completely out of my comfort zone – but strangely enjoyable!

Thirty-one year old Kath reminisces about her childhood and how it’s all brought her to where she is now. We learn about her life up until now and the friends who have featured in her life.

This is my first novel by Kazuo Ishiguro. Sometimes, you get to the point of actually reading one of those novels which are labelled ‘one day’ in your mind! I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but once I had begun, I found this to be simply compelling. It wouldn’t have surprised me to find out this one was set in Gilead but, no, it definitely takes place in the U.K. which gives the story a sinister edge. Beautifully written, there is a simple truth to the characters and how they interact with each other. Totally believable – and all the creepier because of it! Very different to my usual type of novel but not one I’ll forget in a hurry. If you enjoy something different, then this is one for you. I’m happy to give it four stars.

My thanks to the publisher for my copy via NetGalley; this is – as always – my honest, original and unbiased review.

Tags: science fiction


Author Details

Kazuo Ishiguro (born November 8, 1954) is a British author who was born in Nagasaki, Japan. He immigrated with his parents to England in 1960. Ishiguro obtained his Bachelor’s degree from University of Kent in 1978 and his Masters from the University of East Anglia in 1980. He now lives in London.

  • Twitter: @vinelandenergy
  • Facebook: @KazuoIshiguro
  • Instagram: @kazuoishiguro


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