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 ‘I really enjoyed Space Hopper. It’s such an unusual, intriguing novel. It’s the first in ages that actually *interested* me.’ Marian Keyes

 This is a story about taking a leap of faith
And believing the unbelievable

They say those we love never truly leave us, and I’ve found that to be true. But not in the way you might expect. In fact, none of this is what you’d expect.
I’ve been visiting my mother who died when I was eight.
And I’m talking about flesh and blood, tea-and-biscuits-on-the-table visiting here.
Right now, you probably think I’m going mad. 
Let me explain…
Although Faye is happy with her life, the loss of her mother as a child weighs on her mind even more now that she is a mother herself. So she is amazed when, in an extraordinary turn of events, she finds herself back in her childhood home in the 1970s. Faced with the chance to finally seek answers to her questions – but away from her own family – how much is she willing to give up for another moment with her mother?

Space Hopper is an original and poignant story about mothers, memories and moments that shape life.

3.5 stars

Quirky & Different – Just Not For Me!

Completely original and a very different read.

Faye has a happy marriage and loves her family, but as her daughters approach the age she was when her own mother died, she thinks about her more. When a strange quirk of fate returns her to the seventies to meet her mum, there is so much she wants – and needs – to know, but what about her own children; will being in the past mean she can’t also be in the present? Which family is more important to Faye, and can she make that decision?

There is no doubt that this is an excellent debut. It’s different, it’s quirky and it’s well-written. However, it’s not one for me – it’s not the book I thought it was! I fell for the pre-publication day hype; described as ‘general fiction’ and with no mention of time travel, I honestly thought it would be one I would like. However, time travel / time slip / magic realism/fantasy just leave me cold. Had I realised what the book was about, I wouldn’t have requested it, so there are no surprises that it was a struggle for me to read. My imagination just doesn’t work with this genre but it is a good debut and I’m sure the author will go on to write more novels. Sadly, I have to give this one 3.5*.

My thanks to the publisher for my copy via NetGalley; this is – as always – my honest, original and unbiased review.

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Helen Fisher spent her early life in America, but grew up mainly in Suffolk where she now lives with her two children. She studied Psychology at Westminster University and Ergonomics at UCL and worked as a senior evaluator in research at the RNIB. She is now a full-time author.Space Hopper is her first novel. She is currently working on her second novel.

Twitter: @HFisherAuthor


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