December 2020

After all the dull, wet days of recent weeks, we’ve been enjoying blue skies and sunshine – unfortunately, with it comes freezing temperatures! This week, after Christmas – of course – we’ve even had snow and now have a garden covered in paw prints from our two cavorting furry boys.

It’s been a funny kind of month; all my festive gifts were online purchases this year but having a two year old in the family definitely lifted all our spirits. Let’s hope this Covid vaccine does it’s stuff and we can all get back to having a life again – and soon.

Onto books for December. As planned, I’ve taken some time off from blogging so there are only thirteen novels on this month’s list, rounding up my total for 2020 to 310 books read and reviewed – a personal high for me. Apart from reading, I’ve had a busy month on my Facebook page with not one but two giveaways; my usual monthly one for December and a bumper Christmas giveaway. I shall be continuing with these next year, so head over there and make sure you’re in with a chance of winning!

Despite lockdown, the quality of the novels being published has never been higher and each month I’m faced with an ever harder choice for Book of the Month. This month I have chosen an author who’s third book has kept me turning pages long into the night. Karl Hill has published all three books of his Adam Black series in the second half of the year – each one more riveting than the last. Boldwood Books has done a fine job signing him up and I recommend his skilfully written novels to everyone. His latest, Venomous, was a real treat to read and I cannot wait to see what awaits Adam Black in 2021 – I shall be keeping a close eye out, A worthy winner of my December Book of the Month!

Looking forward to next year, I shall be setting my Goodreads challenge at 240 books, i.e. 20 per month which seems achievable. However much I try to keep to that level, I find the first three months of 2021 are already crammed full and I’m now having to advise authors that the earliest I can fit their book in will be April – that’s never happened before! I’m not complaining – you understand – as I always have a book on the go anyway; sharing my reviews is just an extension of that. Like many, I shall be happy to see the end of this year and look forward – hopefully – to the end of lockdown in 2021. We’ve lost so many freedoms lately that it will be good just to hug our family and friends again. So, as we say in Scotland …


6 thoughts on “December 2020

  1. Oh, Grace – 310 books in 2020 is such an achievement! By the time you write and post the reviews, promote etc you are a super blogger and some. I guess the thing that authors and bloggers have in common is the desire to escape… and this year in particular we’ve needed that escapism! A huge thank you (as always) for your continued support, it’s humbling when there is so much choice out there. You always notice the little nuances in a story and I love reading your reviews! I think 2021 is going to be a year of big changes throughout the entire world – let’s hope that means everyone working together to promote peace, light, love and happiness. And: A’ the best when it comes to you, too, lovely lady! xxx

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