Venomous by Karl Hill #BookReview #AdamBlack3 #BloodhoundBooks #5*

A horrific crime. A woman abducted. A journey into darkness.

Black is back and he’s facing his toughest challenge yet.

Tasked with uncovering crucial information from a psychopath nicknamed The Red Serpent, Adam Black infiltrates one of Scotland’s hardest prisons. 

A young woman has been abducted and The Red Serpent may have the answers to her whereabouts. But the clock is ticking.

When Black is betrayed, his only option is to break out prison in order to find the woman and the identity of her abductor.

Can Black rescue the woman and stop a deranged psychopath?

Will he make it out of this alive?

Black knows one thing for sure… there will be bloodshed.

Adam Black series

Book 1 – Unleashed

Book 2 – Violation

Book 3 – Venomous

A Truly Magnificent Novel!

Absolutely awesome!

Another young woman has been abducted and it looks like the attacker known as The Red Serpent has struck again – but how can that be? He is locked up in Shotts Prison and hardly likely to volunteer his help. This is where Adam Black comes in. He needs to get himself inside that prison and quickly in order to find out what’s going on, but when he needs to get back out again it doesn’t seem as easy as it should have been . . .

I read a fair amount of crime thrillers each year and it takes a lot to surprise me; not once, but twice, my jaw literally dropped open at where events led in this novel (actually causing my OH to enquire if I was alright!). This series just gets better and better! One of the highlights, for me, is the locations in these books; I live not too far from Eaglesham and, until now, they have all been known to me. This time round the story ventures into pastures new which was just as exciting!

Usually in thrillers, I’m either sure of who is the guilty party or I have it narrowed down to two or three suspects. Not this time. As I got nearer the end I was aware of part of my brain frantically trying to work out who was going to pop up as my reading speed increased – along with my heart rate – the nearer I got to the end and the final revelation. What a truly enigmatic read with an ending which left me dumbstruck. If you are the type of reader who enjoys an unpredictable roller-coaster of a read, then this is one for you! Worth so much more than the five glowing stars I can give, and I really cannot recommend this highly enough.

My thanks to the publisher for my copy; this is – as always – my honest, original and unbiased review.

Tags: crime thriller

Author Bio

Karl Hill lives in sunny Scotland, in the village of Eaglesham, on the outskirts of Glasgow. For his sins, he is a practicing lawyer, and has been for over twenty-five years. He tries to keep fit, by going to the gym every three years or so. Or is it four? He lives with his wife and daughter, and two remarkably ugly cats, both suffering personality disorders. The cats, that is. When he’s not experiencing the joys of looking through title deeds, he loves to read a good thriller. And, of course, he loves to write.


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