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“I want you to find out who is responsible for ruining his life and I want them to pay for it.”

This is the desire of Latricia Jones as she hires Goff Langdon to investigate her son’s arrest for burglary, vandalism, and possibly hate crimes.
Langdon is a laid back, slacker detective, happy with his work, friends, and way of life in the town of Brunswick, Maine. To complement his income in Brunswick’s scarce private detective market, Langdon also owns and operates a mystery bookstore named after his trusted companion, Coffee Dog.

He was on the fast track to success. And then something happened.

Jamal Jones is an eighteen-year-old rising star attending a post-grad prep school in central Maine to bring his grades up so he can play college basketball at the D1 level. Then he is arrested for crimes that his mother knows he committed, but not why. She’s sure someone has put him up to it, the behavior so unlike him as to be unthinkable, especially since Jamal was on the verge of beginning a better life.

Latricia wants Langdon to track down those responsible for her son’s sudden turn from grace, and she wants them to pay.

A Fantastically Enigmatic Read!

I was really impressed with the first in this series and this second one – amazingly – surpasses it!

Jamal Jones is a young man with the world at his feet so when he is arrested for burglary, vandalism and hate crimes it is going to have a huge impact on his future which is why his mother, Latricia is the latest client of Goff Langdon P.I. She’s quite certain he committed the crimes and equally sure that he was led into them but by who? Which is exactly what Goff sets off to find out . . .

Langdon is a laid-back guy, but when he takes on a case he gives it his all. It’s great to be re-acquainted not only with him but also his bunch of friends who all pitch in when needed. This is a complicated case and I was never quite sure what the outcome was going to be until I got there! Skilfully plotted, this is a well planned novel and one which keeps the reader on their toes. The characterisation is excellent resulting in a diverse cast but the absolute stars of the show have to be Langdon’s daughter Missouri and Coffee Dog! These two add a bit of fun and sparkle into what is a very serious crime mystery with a good solid story line, and the author struck gold with their creation. A fantastic addition to this beautifully written series and one I strongly recommend. Absolutely worth all five sparkling stars!

My grateful thanks to the author for my copy of his novel; this is – as always – my honest, original and unbiased review.

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Author Bio

Over the years, Cost has owned a video store, a mystery bookstore, and a gym. He has also taught history and coached just about every sport imaginable.
During those years, since age eight actually, the true passion has been writing. I Am Cuba: Fidel Castro and the Cuban Revolution (Encircle Publications, March, 2020) was his first traditionally published novel.
Mainely Power is the first of the Mainely Mystery trilogy featuring private detective Goff Langdon. This will be followed by Mainely Fear (coming in December, 2020), and Mainely Money (to be released in May, 2021).
Cost now lives in Brunswick, Maine, with his wife, Harper. There are four grown children: Brittany, Pearson, Miranda, and Ryan. A chocolate Lab and a basset hound round out the mix. He now spends his days at the computer, writing.

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Twitter: @MattCost8



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