November 2020

After a very wet month full of dark days, the temperature plummeted overnight to minus five degrees and it feels it! Opening the door to let the boys out first thing in the morning means bracing for that firs baltic chill to hit .. especially when still in pyjamas! On the bright side, literally, it means the sky is lighters and the house not so gloomy!

It’s been a quiet month, family-wise. Half of them are on the other side of the world and as we’re in lockdown, it’s not possible to see – or meet up with – the other half. Thank goodness for video calls all round! I’m really looking forward to Christmas now when we get to see our youngest and eldest grandsons, aged two and fifteen; after all, we all need something to anticipate in these difficult times.

November has been another non-stop month of reading with thirty-two books read and reviewed. I never fail to be grateful to all the authors, publishers and blog tour hosts who allow me to read so many fabulous novels! It’s fair to say that I have enjoyed all of them, and several have left me full of awe at the skill of the author. However, as always, only one can be my Book of the Month and this time round I’ve chosen one which I purchased myself. For the first time ever, I began reading as soon as a book arrived in my kindle! Caroline England is most definitely an author worth following and Truth Games is an absolutely terrific read. I’ve been a huge fan of this writer since her first novel, and I never fail to be blown away by how her skills evolve with each novel; just when I think she has reached the top of her game along comes a new story even more awesome than the last. A very worthy winner!

Looking forwards, the beginning of next month will be extremely busy; I’m running a special giveaway on 2 & 3 December for followers of this blog only. The first fortnight is packed with books to review and then I’m taking a two week break to enjoy the festive season and prepare for the year ahead. I hope you and yours stay safe and virus-free. Don’t forget to enter my giveaway on Wednesday or Thursday, when we shall be busy putting up our decorations! Wishing you a good month, a happy festive season and good luck for the Christmas giveaway!


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