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New mums. Old Secrets…

Aisha Moore is eight months pregnant. She’s thrilled, and a little scared. Not least because her husband Jason hasn’t quite wrapped his head around the fact.

Lucy is having her first child too. She has finally got her wish – although the circumstances aren’t quite what she had hoped. Oscar will be a great dad though, won’t he?

When the two women join the same baby group, they quickly become friends and before long they’re confiding in each other.

Only there’s one thing Lucy hasn’t told Aisha. And while a baby may turn your life upside-down, a secret this big will change everything.

An Engaging Read!

One of those books which seems like a nice gentle story but there’s a bit more to it than that!

Aisha is thrilled to be pregnant, but why does she feel that her husband hasn’t quite got on board with it? Lucy is also pregnant; her boyfriend, Oscar, seems fine with it. Both women join the same baby group and before long there is a tentative friendship springing up – but one of them doesn’t know what the other is hiding . . .

This is a well written book which draws the reader in. There is a wonderful mix of eclectic characters in the baby group providing much entertainment, and misdirecting the reader from where the heart of the story lies. Flowing beautifully, this is a very easy read but I had it all worked out before it was revealed. Perhaps the synopsis gave away just a little too much? Even with that knowledge, there were things to learn at the end of the book which I hadn’t expected and it all adds up to a good read. An engaging read, worth four stars.

My thanks to the publisher for my copy via NetGalley’ this is – as always – my honest, original and unbiased review.

Tags: women’s psychological fiction

Author Bio

Rosie Nixon is Editor-in-Chief of HELLO! where she has worked for the past eight years and has a love of all things celebrity, royal and fashion-related. Rosie previously held senior positions at glossy women’s magazines including Grazia, Glamour and Red. In her career she has been lucky enough to attend a multitude of glamorous award ceremonies, premieres and showbiz weddings all around the world. Ever discreet and protective of the big stars she has worked with, Rosie’s experience has undoubtedly enabled her to write her debut novel, The Stylist and the sequel Amber Green Takes Manhattan.

Social Media

Twitter: @Rosie_Nixon

Instagram: @rosiejnixon


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