The Three Mrs Wrights by Linda Keir #BookReview #LakeUnion #NetGalley #3.5*

Mr. Wright has everything. All that’s left to give him is what he deserves.

Lark has good things coming: a career as a board-game designer and a whirlwind romance with a handsome investor. Trip is so compassionate and supportive, he’s almost too good to be true.

Jessica has always been cautious, but she can’t resist Jonathan. The brilliant TED-talking visionary has big plans for his inspiring medical start-up. Now Jessica is invited to be part of the team—and to partner with the founder outside the office.

Holly has settled into a comfortable life with Jack, her husband of nearly twenty years. They’ve raised three children, they own a beautiful home, and they’ve founded a worthy charity. She’s proud of building a marriage that has endured—she just doesn’t want to look too closely at the cracks.

Lark, Jessica, and Holly are three strangers with so much in common it hurts. Their one and only is one and the same.

The charming Mr. Wright’s serial lies are about to catch up with him …

A Decent Enough Read!

Three women, each with their own man – or so they thought!

Holly is a happily married woman with three children, a home to be proud of, runs a charity and uses her medical training to work part time as a paediatrician. Her husband of twenty years, Jack, has a thriving company which keeps him on the road – or in the air – a lot of the time. Jessica’s new man also travels a lot; her career path veers off course when he offers her a lucrative job with his biomedical firm, still in her main field of interest but with a different trajectory. Of course, getting to spend more time with Jon seals the deal. Lark, meanwhile, is out for fun following a broken relationship and when she meets Trip, in town for business, the sparks fly – both in and out of bed. When Trip offers to invest in her business idea, it seems she has all her ducks in a row. Could all three women be lucky enough to find their lifelong partner, or is their ideal man hiding a secret?

This is a decent enough read. All three women come from different walks of life and are heading in differing directions. The characterisation is excellent, their stories diverse but, for me, it could have done with being a little briefer which I suspect would have made it a sharper read. It did go on a bit, and I found my mind wandering several times. The ending – when it came – was justified and satisfying, I just wish it hadn’t taken so long to get there! Linda Keir is the name used by a husband and wife writing team and this is my first encounter with these authors work; I notice that both of their previous novels have mixed reviews so perhaps I’m not alone (I’m usually out of step!). It’s a great cover, very appropriate, but for me it’s a 3.5 star read.

My thanks to the publisher for my copy via NetGalley; this is, as always – my honest, original and unbiased review.

Tags: women’s fiction

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Linda Keir is the pen name for the writing team of Linda Joffe Hull and Keir Graff, authors of The Swing of Things and Drowning with Others. Between them, they have published over a dozen novels. For more information visit and

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