The Garden of Forgotten Wishes by Trisha Ashley #BookReview #TransworldDigital #NetGalley #5*

The delightful Sunday Times bestselling novel from Trisha Ashley

All Marnie wants is somewhere to call home. 

Mourning lost years spent in a marriage that has finally come to an end, she needs a fresh start and time to heal. Things she hopes to find in the rural west Lancashire village her mother always told her about.

With nothing but her two green thumbs, Marnie takes a job as a gardener, which comes with a little cottage to make her own. The garden is beautiful – filled with roses, lavender and honeysuckle – and only a little rough around the edges. Which is more than can be said for her next-door neighbour, Ned Mars.

Marnie remembers Ned from her college days but he’s far from the untroubled man she once knew. A recent relationship has left him with a heart as bruised as her own.

Can a summer spent gardening help them recapture the forgotten dreams they’ve let get away?

Fabulously Descriptive!

What a gorgeous book! A wonderful, feel-good read packed full with lovely snippets about gardens.

Marnie managed to get herself away from a controlling husband and has been a bit of a nomad ever since, travelling to France where she works in various gardening projects. With the news that he has remarried, she finally feels safe to return home to the UK and manages to find a position in what was her mother’s home village. With her adopted sister living nearby, and the man next door being an old college friend, life is finally looking up for Marnie – or at least she hopes so.

I loved absolutely loved everything about this one! Whilst Marnie’s story isn’t all sweetness and light, her positivity shines through each and every page. The gardens are beautifully detailed, and easy to imagine from the fabulously descriptive writing. With well developed characters and a problem or two thrown in, this makes for an excellent read, and one I would most definitely recommend to everyone who likes to close a novel with the feeling of happiness and satisfaction. I must mention the terrific cover which is beautifully illustrated and just perfect for the contents! A full five sparkling stars, fully deserving each and every one.

My thanks to the publisher for my copy via NetGalley; this is – as always – my honest, original and unbiased review.

Tags: women’s fiction

Author Bio

Trisha Ashley has written nineteen romantic comedies and her latest novel, The Garden of Forgotten Wishes, which is published by Transworld, is a Sunday Times Top Ten bestseller. Her novels have twice been shortlisted for the Melissa Nathan award for Romantic Comedy and Every Woman for Herself was nominated by magazine readers as one of the top three romantic novels of the last fifty years.
She is from St Helens in West Lancashire, and believes that her typically dark Lancashire sense of humour in adversity, crossed with a good dose of Celtic creativity from her Welsh grandmother, has made her what she is today…whatever that is. Several of her novels are set in rural West Lancashire, West Yorkshire and Wales. They frequently explore aspects of the three F’s that are a constant in her own life: Food, Flowers and Friendship and include delicious recipes at the back.
Nowadays she lives in North Wales and is the founder member of NW Novelistas Ink, a group of twelve novelists, several of whom are bestselling, who meet regularly in North Wales; she is also one of the trio of authors called The 500 Club, along with Leah Fleming and Elizabeth Gill.
She is a long term member of the Society of Authors.

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