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A new book in the Agatha Award-winning series by Edith Maxwell!

Quaker midwife Rose Carroll must turn her investigative skills on her own family when a young woman’s murder stuns a New England community . . .

Following a long betrothal, midwife Rose Carroll and her beloved David are finally celebrating their marriage with friends and relatives, when a most disturbing telegram interrupts the festivities: the young ward of Rose’s aunt has suffered a mysterious death, and Rose’s help is needed urgently on Cape Cod. Reluctantly agreeing to mix her honeymoon plans with murder, Rose embarks on an investigation that will expose family secrets and a community’s bigotry.

As Rose does her best to comfort her aunt in her loss and also learn as much as possible about the poor young victim’s death, she discovers that each new clue points to a confounding list of suspects: a close friend of the victim who may have harbored secret resentments, an estranged brother of David’s with an unsavory reputation, and the son of a Native American midwife who supposedly led the young woman astray.

And as Rose grows closer to identifying the perpetrator, the solution will rattle her assumptions about her own family and faith . . .

The Quaker Midwife Mysteries

Book 1 – Delivering the Truth

Book 2 – Called to Justice

Book 3 – Turning the Tide

Book 4 – Charity’s Burden

Book 5 – Judge Thee Not

Book 6 – Taken Too Soon

A Cracking Mystery & A Delightful Read!

The latest book in one of my very favourite series – and it’s a terrific addition and a fantastic read!

At long last, Rose Carroll and her beloved David Dodge are tying the knot and looking forward to their week’s honeymoon. However, their reception is interrupted by a telegram from Cape Cod where the ward of Rose’s aunt has unexpectedly died and, knowing Rose’s reputation in investigating such things, this is a plea for her help. Rapidly deciding to combine their honeymoon with this sorry turn of events, Rose and David set out to assist in which ever way they can.

This is the delightful sixth book in The Quaker Midwife series, and it’s thrilling to find Rose actually tying the knot at long last – they make such a great couple! This book sees Rose out of her usual setting where she knows everyone and everything that is going on, but it doesn’t take her long to get be acquainted with the friends and neighbours of her two aunts – along with several others. It’s rather exciting to find out lots of information about a new area – Edith Maxwell’s research is second to none and her acknowledgements are always well worth a read! The mystery itself is quite intricate with plenty of suspects and following the Quaker way of life and worship is a means of keeping Rose calm and focused on her mission. There’s something very soothing about the meeting house scenes and all put together this is another cracking mystery which kept me riveted from first to last. I hope this series continues for a long time to come – I look forward to them so much and they leave me with a real sense of peace. Wonderfully enjoyable and absolutely worth all five sparkling stars.

My thanks to the publisher for my copy via NetGalley; this is – as always – my honest, original and unbiased review.

Tags: historical mystery

Author Bio

Agatha-nominated and Amazon-bestselling author Edith Maxwell writes the Local Foods Mystery series (Kensington Publishing), which features novice organic farmer Cam Flaherty, the quirky Westbury Locavore Club, and locally sourced murder.

Edith’s award-winning short stories have appeared in numerous juried anthologies; many have been reissued as ebooks.

As Tace Baker (http://www.amazon.com/Tace-Baker/e/B007YT2ZVC), Edith writes the Speaking of Mystery novels featuring Quaker linguistics professor, Lauren Rousseau (Barking Rain Press).

Maddie Day is Edith’s pseudonym for the Country Store Mysteries from Kensington. Flipped for Murder releases in November, 2015. As Edith Maxwell she writes the historical Quaker Midwife Mysteries from Midnight Ink.

Edith is a former farmer of a certified-organic farm, holds a Ph.D. in Linguistics, and is a member of Sisters in Crime and Mystery Writers of America.

You can find all Edith’s identities at http://www.edithmaxwell.com. She blogs every week day with the other Wicked Cozy Authors at wickedcozyauthors.com. Look for her as Edith M. Maxwell and Tace Baker on Facebook and @edithmaxwell and @tacebaker on Twitter.

A mother, technical writer, and fourth-generation Californian, she lives north of Boston in an antique house with her beau, three cats, and a small organic garden.

Social Media

Website: https://edithmaxwell.com/

Twitter: @edithmaxwell

Facebook: @EdithMaxwellAuthor

Instagram: @EdithMaxwellAuthor


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