August 2020

It may be a Bank Holiday in England but here in Scotland it’s business as usual. In the last few days it’s noticeably cooler, especially first thing in the morning and in the evening. The schools have returned and life is slowly getting back to normal following the lockdown. I’ve even ventured out to eat a couple of times this month but without a doubt the most welcome return is that of the hairdresser!

We’ve had our own upsets this month; Oscar, our chocolate labrador, had an aural haematoma which caused a large swelling in his ear, making it stick out a good bit. He has the loveliest nature and went to the vet’s to get it examined, back in for a day to get operated, again a couple of days later to get it checked and then returned the next week to get the stitches removed. Our two labs are cousins and Brodie, our fox red labrador, does not like them being separated so whilst my husband took Oscar to the surgery, I had to endure 40 minutes of howling and wailing for each visit. Anyone who is my fb friend will have seen – and heard – THAT video! It’s such a relief that all is well again with our furries, I can tell you!

So, onto books. This has been an exceptionally busy month; in 31 days I have read and reviewed 30 books (next month in looking pretty full too). Another varied month with differing genres and styles but choosing my Book of the Month was made so much easier once I read Annie Lyons‘ forthcoming release, Eudora Honeysett is Quite Well, Thank You. What a superb title – the cover is wonderful too – but the real joy is in reading the story. I don’t ‘do’ spoilers but, as I stated in my review, this one left me on such a high that it’s a book I will definitely read again in the future. I enjoyed this author’s previous works too but, for me, Eudora Honeysett is as near perfection as I could possibly get! Highly recommended and my star read for August.

With schools all over this and other countries returning kids to the classroom, I hope you and yours are all staying safe. I must say I’m happy to wear my face mask when out and about as it makes me feel protected. Take care, keep well and I’ll be back again next month. In the meantime ..


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