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On the surface, Rachel Marin is an ordinary single mother; on the inside, she’s a fierce, brilliant vigilante.

After an unspeakable crime shatters her life, she changes her identity and moves to a small town in Illinois, hoping to spare her children from further trauma…or worse. But crime follows her everywhere.

When the former mayor winds up dead, Rachel can’t help but get involved. Where local detectives see suicide, she sees murder. They resent her for butting in—especially since she’s always one step ahead. But her investigative genius may be her undoing: the deeper she digs, the harder it is to keep her own secrets buried.

Her persistence makes her the target of both the cops and a killer. Meanwhile, the terrifying truth about her past threatens to come to light, and Rachel learns the hard way that she can’t trust anyone.

Surrounded by danger, she must keep her steely resolve, protect her family, and stay one step ahead, or else she may become the next victim.


From the bestselling author of the Henry Parker series comes a page-turning thriller about a vigilante who’s desperate to protect her secrets—and bring a killer to justice.


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01. Hrt 125 centred


A Gripping, Exciting Thriller!      stars 5


Wow! This is the first novel by Jason Pinter which I’ve read, but I can guarantee that it won’t be my last – what a cracking read!

Rachel Marin is a single mother like no other; she possesses skills and abilities that the ordinary woman in the street knows nothing about – and neither do her children! From the first, we realise that a shocking crime occurred. So shocking that she uproots her children and transforms herself into a very different woman, all with the aim of protecting her children. When the body of the mayor of Illinois, their new home town, is found, Rachel can’t help getting involved. In her eyes, she’s helping law enforcement; in their eyes, she’s interfering. Only when her information turns out to be true, they have to sit up and take notice – but they don’t have to like her continuing appearance and ideas about their case. And they are not the only ones .. Rachel ‘helping’ the authorities leaves her with a target on her back . . .

From the very beginning, this author has a way of beguiling his readers; I slipped in between the pages and just could not put this down! Rachel is very much an enigma; but throughout the book she is revealed just enough at a time to make sense whilst the story continues on, getting deeper into things whilst the reader wonders what she knows that we don’t? Make no doubts about it, this is a stunning thriller which doesn’t finish until the very end!

A very cleverly plotted book, expertly written and terrifically enjoyable – I’m so pleased to have discovered this author, and fully intend to catch up with his others books. I’m thoroughly delighted that this is the first in a new series, and will most definitely be watching out for the next book. A gripping and exciting thriller, and one which deserves all five sparkling stars. If you enjoy an unpredictable and riveting read, Jason Pinter is definitely an author to watch out for!

I chose this book as one of my Kindle First Reads for February 2020. This is – as always – my honest, original and unbiased review.


Tags: thriller
  • Format: ebook, paperback, audiobook, audio cd
  • Size: 365 pages
  • Publisher: Thomas & Mercer
  • Publication Date: 1 March 2020
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Author Bio


imagesJason Pinter is the bestselling author of five novels in his Henry Parker thriller series, which have over one million copies in print worldwide and have been published in over a dozen countries, as well as the Middle Grade adventure novel Zeke Bartholomew: SuperSpy. He has been nominated for the Thriller Award, Strand Critics Award, Barry Award, RT Reviewers Choice Award, Shamus Award and CrimeSpree Award. The Mark was optioned to be a feature film. He has written for The New Republic, Entrepreneur, The Daily Beast, Medium and The Scene and more. He was named one of the top writers on Twitter (@JasonPinter) by Mashable and the Huffington Post, and his articles and essays have been covered in the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, CNN, The Atlantic, Hot Air, Boston Globe, New York Observer, Baltimore Sun, Salon and as far as Australia’s Sydney Morning Herald. He lives in Hoboken, NJ with his wife, Dana, and their dog, Wilson.


01. Hrt 125 centred




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