January 2020


8. GJR Heart 250



BOTM Jan 2020



01. Hrt 125 centred





Here we are at the end of the first month of the year – Christmas and New Year celebrations seem so long ago now, don’t they? Not much has changed with the weather; it’s still miserable and mostly wet and windy, but we did have a brief sprinkling of snow earlier in the week. 

My reading year is off to a great start; I have set my Goodreads Challenge at 240 books and I had planned to stick at 20 books per month. “How’s that working out?” I hear you ask . . well, 22 read and reviewed in January which is not too many over. I can hardly believe how quickly my spreadsheet is filling up for this year, the next two months are practically full and I have entries right up until – and including – October. So I’m definitely not going to run out of books anytime soon!

Onto this month’s books. As you can see from the wheel above, I’ve been fortunate enough to have a great selection of genres to read. Having given some thought to tightening up my review stars, there are fewer 5* novels than there used to be. It doesn’t really seem to make it any easier to pick one outstanding read however but, after a bit of thought, I have chosen The Mothers by Sarah J Naughton as my Book of the Month. Not only is this a fantastic read but the ending really took my breath away – I just didn’t see it coming but I loved every minute! A stunning book and one I recommend highly.

I’m already onto my list for February and, again, looking forward to a fabulous range of both subjects and styles to get my teeth into. The bulbs are all poking through the soil in the garden, so I really hope we have a bit of colour to gaze upon before long. 



G Jan 2020





02. Hrt 175 centred






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