December Retrospective


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It’s been a rather mild Christmas compared to the chilly days earlier in the month. With the odd wet day, it’s been perfect to snuggle up and read!

We had a lovely Christmas; all the family come here on Christmas morning to exchange gifts whilst enjoying a few food treats. Then they all head home to let the children play with the toys delivered by Santa, leaving us oldies to collapse in a heap. With my birthday two days later, we get repeat visits and it’s such fun! We’re gathering again for New Year’s Day dinner here – a traditional steak pie meal and quite possibly a drink or two to welcome in 2020.

I cut down on my reading this month – after all, with decorations to put up and parcels to wrap I had more calls on my time. However, fifteen books isn’t too shabby, is it? Even at that, picking one outstanding novel didn’t come easily, but Looking for Lucy by Julie Houston definitely had the edge. I adore Julie’s writing and this is a series of individual reads with the same characters popping up in each one, although not always as the main focus. As well as being fun and entertaining, these books show a deep insight into human nature and family dynamics and there is so much enjoyment to be had from each one. I always close my kindle with a warm feeling of utter satisfaction – that’s the sparkle factor I’m always looking for! I thoroughly recommend this author – you won’t be disappointed!

So, as we race towards the end of the year it’s a time to reflect. Have you reached the goals you had in mind last January? I’ve lost a good bit of weight this year, and intend to do the same in 2020. What personal goals do you have? Whatever they are, I wish you well – the power of positive thinking is an amazing tool!



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One thought on “December Retrospective

  1. Grace, this is so lovely. Thank you so much. I hope the new year brings all the reads that you wish for and everything else that will make you happy!! 2019 has been a great year for me as a writer. Here’s looking to 2020 and more wonderful book blogs from yourself as one of the best bloggers around!!
    Julie xxxxx


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