Annual Reflections

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It’s been a bumper year of reading for me with 288 books in total – both read and reviewed – far exceeding my Goodreads Challenge which I set at 240. I’m going to stick with the same amount for 2020 as I hope to reduce my reading to 20 books per month (this may or may not have something to do with the Christmas gift of a Nintendo Switch – my lips are sealed).

Picking my Book of the Year is actually a simpler task than choosing a monthly favourite; with only twelve to choose from. These are the monthly winners for 2019 – click on each link and it will take you to the earlier review.

January    – Dennis Bisskit and the Man from Paris with the Very Large Head by Stephen Ainley

February  – Goodness, Grace and Me by Julie Houston

March       – Whisky From Small Glasses by Denzil Meyrick

April          – The Suspects by Katharine Johnson

May            – No One Home by Tim Weaver

June            – The Journey by Conrad Jones

July             – How to Make Time for Me by Fiona Perrin

August        – The Time of Our Lives by Abby Williams

September – Avaline Saddlebags by Netta Newbound & Marcus Brown

October      – The Little Shop on Silver Linings Street by Emma Davies

November – In Her Eyes by Sarah Alderson

December  – Looking for Lucy by Julie Houston

I think you’ll agree this is a good mix of the genres I read, from crime novels to humour. Deciding to choose one outstanding read is never easy but this was made simpler by the fact that one novel is still inside my head and has been there since I completed it.

The Journey by Conrad Jones is an exceptional read; totally different from his usual crime genre but it has provided much food for thought. I wasn’t really sure what to expect when I began reading, but this is a story which has really got under my skin and I have recommended it many times as well as purchasing copies for gifts.

If you desire something different, then this is most definitely one for you! I have thought about this so much that even six months on – and given the amount of books I’ve read during that time – I can still remember it clearly. If you were to ask me for just one recommendation, then The Journey would be the one. A stunning, compelling read and I congratulate author Conrad Jones on his skill in crafting such an awesome novel.

Thank you for joining me this year, and I hope you will follow my reviews in 2020!

Grace 3.

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