November Retrospective


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November BOTM



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Winter has arrived in Scotland with a definite plummeting of temperature; some days, the frost has never lifted and I thank our lucky stars for central heating and a cosy warm fire. With a lot of the UK suffering extensive flooding, we are lucky to have had very little rainfall but oh, the chill!

Yet again, it’s been a busy month and once more I exceeded the planned amount of reads, finally finishing up with twenty six – four more than were originally on my list. In amongst those are one or two which definitely weren’t meant for me, but overall it’s been a good month with a mix of genres and some really enjoyable and very entertaining novels. Yet again, choosing one stand-out book was a protracted job as I re-read all the reviews I’ve written during November, opting for one which really blew me away with clever writing which kept me hooked to the very last! In Her Eyes by Sarah Alderson is a psychological thriller which definitely affected my heart rate and I found it to be a most exciting read! This is an author I will be keeping an eye on in future and I’m delighted to select it as my Book of the Month.

Moving forwards to the last month of the year, I have sixteen books on my list – through choice. Like everyone else, we have Christmas to prepare for and as you all know, it takes time so the books have taken a hit to allow the extra time I need to get on top of things. I imagine you are all busy doing the same! Enjoy your preparations – may it be more fun than chore!

Thank you for all the support this month and, please, join me next month for another update!



Grace 3.









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