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Written by Catherine Alliott


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Flora’s been in love with her husband for twenty years. The trouble is, he’s been married to someone else for the past fifteen . . .

Now she’s been invited to spend the summer in the shady lanes and sandy coves of Cornwall. It should be blissful.

There’s just one small snag: she’ll be staying with her former mother-in-law, Belinda.

And Flora discovers she’s not the only one invited when her ex-husband shows up out of the blue, complete with his new wife. So now there are two small snags.

Can Flora spend the summer playing happy families with the woman who stole her husband’s heart, and the mother-in-law who might have had a hand in it?

Or will stumbling on the family secret change her mind about them all?








Simply Superb!    Stars 5


A glorious read! An enthralling story which really got under my skin – it’s so good!

Flora is heading back to her home county of Cornwall for the summer weeks; thrilled to be back on the coast, the only thorn in the ointment is her former mother-in-law. However, upon arrival she discovers her ex-husband, new wife and their children are also in residence. He may have divorced Flora, but she has never fallen out of love with him. It’s going to be a very trying few weeks . . .

This is very much Flora’s story. Although now in her thirties, this is definitely the summer she comes of age – in more ways than one, and the-times-they are-a-changing. I loved everything about this; the wonderful story, the stupendous Cornish setting, the quirks and foibles of all the characters – and make no mistake, there are some really funny revelations!  Catherine Alliott has a real eye for creating a marvellously entertaining and readable book. The writing flows beautifully, and the story unfolds slowly to a very satisfying conclusion. This is the kind of book which tempts you in then swallows you whole!  I’m becoming more and more fond of Cornwall – and I’ve never been there – yet! Simply superb, and a novel which fully earns a full house of stars..

My thanks to publisher Michael Joseph, an imprint of Penguin, for my copy via NetGalley. This is my honest, original and unbiased review.


Tags: romance, women’s fiction
  • Format: ebook, paperback, audio
  • Size: 425 pages
  • Publisher: Michael Joseph: Penguin
  • Publication Date: 13 June 2019
  • Purchase Links: Google Play
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  •                                 W. H. Smith
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Meet the Author


51oWNlkSGYL._US230_‘People often ask me if I always had a burning desire to be an author, and the honest answer is no, in fact it almost happened by accident.

I was working as a copy-writer in an ad agency and tired of writing blurb for soap powder, began writing a novel under the desk. I had no thought of publication, was just doing it to relieve the boredom, but I must say it was a bit of a shock when my boss walked in one day and said we’re not sure you’re entirely committed and gave me the sack!

Actually I think that galvanized me and I was determined to finish it. I did, but it took a while: I was working freelance, and then pregnant with my first child so it wasn’t at the forefront of my mind. When my son was born I discovered babies slept for great chunks of the day, so I revisited it, tapping it onto a computer my brother gave me. (The first draft was in long hand, I’m a complete Luddite by nature, and actually, still write my first draft into note books.)

My husband persuaded me to send it to an agent who took it – amazingly and then a few weeks later I had a publisher too. The Old Girl Network came out about a year later and the first time I saw it in a shop, I was so startled I ran out again! I’m convinced it was easier back then to get published, these days it’s far more competitive because there are so many girls doing it I’m glad I started early!

I’ve written a few more since then, but some things don’t change: I still get a thrill when I see them around. I hope you enjoy the books, I certainly have a lot of fun writing them.’


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