Playgroups & Prosecco #BookReview

Written by Jo Middleton


150 hrt


January 3rd

Jaffa Cakes – 7. Times I was forced to watch a small child do a dance involving a dusty piece of ribbon found under the sofa – 4. Inappropriate thoughts about Zac Efron – undisclosed.

Single mum Frankie’s whole life revolves around her kids. But when your toddler has a more active social life, something has to change. Forget ‘me-time’, Frankie would settle for some adult conversation, and watching something other than the Disney channel.

The local playgroup may be ruled by Instagram mums with perfect husbands but Frankie accidentally forms a splinter group of single parents.

After all, Mummy really needs a playdate of her own. (Now pass the prosecco.)








A Really Honest, Fun Read!  Stars 5


What an honest, down-to-earth read .. and SO FUNNY!

Since splitting with husband Ian, Frankie is on her own with toddler Jess and teenager Flo. It’s hard to please everyone at the same time (never mind ALL the time) and this is her diary of 2018; the highs, the lows, the daily wine and jaffa cake count . . .

What a great read! There’s no whitewashing here; Frankie isn’t perfect but she is refreshingly honest and I suspect that deep down all mums can identify with 90% of her life. The sad, the funny and the downright cringeworthy moments are all here, and it is an introspective and intelligent read. I’ve loved every single thing about this one – her kids, her friends, her job, her search on Tinder and the interactions with the ex, as they work hard together to stay friends. And yes, that is possible!

This is a very easy read; easy to lift and lay – but why would you want to put it aside? Pulled in from the very first, I have laughed and cried along with Frankie and the predicaments she has been in, and I’ve been royally entertained. Such a fun read, definitely well worth a full five stars and a hearty recommendation! For a debut novel, it is awesome and I’m really looking forward to hearing more from Jo Middleton.

My thanks to publisher Ebury Digital for my copy via NetGalley. As always, all opinions stated here are entirely my own.


Tags: humour, family life
  • Format: ebook, paperback, audio
  • Size: 400 pages
  • Publisher: Ebury Digital
  • Publication Date: 1 March 2019
  • Publisher: Google Play
  •                      Kobo
  •                      W. H. Smith
  •                      Waterstones
  •                      amazon




Meet the Author


Jo Middleton


Jo Middleton is an award-winning blogger, mum of two daughters, eater of Jaffa Cakes and drinker of gin. She lives in Somerset with her three cats, all named after fictional detectives. Playgroups and Prosecco is her first novel.







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