Syrian Brides #BookReview #IndieAuthor

Written by Anna Halabi


150 hrt


Um Hussam can’t find a suitable bride for her son, testing each candidate’s sight, hearing and reading skills, occasionally cobbing a feel.

Jamila’s husband Hassan can’t forget his deceased wife, until she makes sure he never mentions her again. Rami can’t help but wonder whether his new bride is a natural beauty or a talented surgeon’s masterpiece. Khadija’s maid stabs her in the back while Rana’s husband Muafak can’t find the right excuse to avoid a fight.

These and several more stories humorously illustrate the everyday life of married women in Syria, shedding some light on the charms and difficulties of the Syrian culture and customs.









A Sparkling, Entertaining Cultural Collection!  5-stars


What a fabulous collection of stories! Love, love, LOVE!!

This book contains several stories about Syrian culture; the common thread is marriage .. either pre-marriage, happy marriage or not-so-happy unions. It is a wonderful insight into a culture which, up until now, I knew nothing about.

Each one of these tales is marvellously entertaining. Gorgeous writing from a really talented author who draws you in to each story so easily. Every story is different, and so cleverly composed. The characters are superbly drawn, the writing beautifully crafted and I expect to hear so much more from this debut author. It would be impossible to pick a favourite from this anthology; each tale stands on it’s own merits and they all made me smile, giggle, and nod in agreement. This is a first class read and I really cannot recommend it highly enough!

My grateful thanks to the author for my copy. The decision to read and review – as well the opinions included herein – are entirely my own.


Tags: cultural, women’s fiction
  • Format: ebook, paperback
  • Size: 137 pages
  • Publisher: Amazon Media
  • Publication Date: 1 November 2018
  • Purchase Links: kindle




Meet the Author




Anna Halabi was born and raised in Aleppo, Syria. She emigrated to Europe in 1999 for her university studies. She currently lives with her family in Germany.

“Syrian Brides” is her debut as an author. The stories and characters in this collection were inspired by her personal experiences in Syria as well as her relatives, friends and TV shows.





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