A Nanny For Harry #BookReview #IndieAuthor

Written by Sylvia Mulholland


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Workaholic attorney Kali Miller has it all—perfect husband, perfect house and on her way to partnership at her firm.

And she’s about to have the perfect baby, to complete the picture. But doing it all turns out to be a lot harder than having it all. Baby Harry needs a nanny, so Kali can get back to work, and stay on track. Britta is blonde, beguiling and Swedish enough to make any new mom insecure. She dotes on little Harry but leaves most of the unpleasant chores to Kali. Worse, she seems to have some sort of “past” with Kali’s husband, Matt. As Kali continues basically juggling on empty and trying to do it all, insecurity and paranoia grab hold of her brain. Just who is this Britta Edvardsson anyway? And what does she want with Matt? And little Harry?

Hilarious, hair-raising and at times heart-breaking, A Nanny for Harry is a story for all new moms, babies and those who love them.








Beautifully Written and Humorous Tale!    5-stars


What an entertaining – and true-to-life read! I only wish I could start it all over again without knowing the story …

Kali Miller is very pregnant and very uncomfortable. She is busy feathering her nest for the arrival of little Harry, whilst worrying about future childcare as she will return to her work as an attorney. Just as she decides that the local daycare facilities aren’t coming up her expectations, husband Matt surprises – well, amazes her really – with the hire of a nanny. Not just any nanny though; this one is a Swedish, blonde bombshell of a nanny …

This is a novel which every working woman will identify with; Kali has the feelings that all of us have had at some time in our life. Convincing herself that she can continue on the career ladder as before the arrival of Harry, with nothing changing – and we all know that this is a lie we tell ourselves! As well as all the angst of a new mother, Kali has so much more to deal with: aside from ‘the nanny’ there are family members, co-workers and the feeling that somewhere her husband has been a little more than liberal with the truth. Life is certainly throwing her lemons – can she remember how to make lemonade?

This is a lovely story, light and entertaining with plenty of ‘he did what?’ and ‘go, girl’ moments. Beautifully written and attention grabbing, it has been in my tbr for far too long, but I have enjoyed every bit of it. The author obviously has a great eye for detail and is gifted at bring humour into what could be a dire situation. A splendid read and one I’m very happy to recommend.

My grateful thanks to the author for my copy of her novel. The choice to read, and the opinions given here, are entirely my own.


Tags: humour, women’s fiction
  • Format: ebook, paperback
  • Size: 202 pages
  • Publisher: Legal Beagle
  • Publication Date: 19 August 2019
  • Purchase Links: Barnes & Noble
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Meet the Author


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Sylvia Mulholland was born in Canada, and has lived in many cities including Toronto, Vancouver, and in Los Angeles. She attended Ontario College of Art & Design, then the University of Ottawa, where she obtained her law degree. In 2001, she moved to Los Angeles and obtained her MFA from American Film Institute, where she won the prestigious Sloan Foundation Scholarship for excellence in screenwriting for her screenplay about Einstein’s first wife, the physicist, Mileva Maric.

Sylvia’s novels, A Nanny for Harry and Sisters in Law are available now on Amazon and on Sylvia’s website, sylviamulholland.com. She is presently working on a legal thriller, Looks Can Kill, available later this year.

Sylvia has her own law practice, in the field of intellectual property. As a woman working in the highly competitive field of law, raising two children and pursuing a writing career, Sylvia knows well the challenges of trying to do it all. In her novels, she writes with humor and empathy about women, work, the legal profession, marriage and family life.







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