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Written by Jennifer Wells


150 hrt


A tightly woven story full of secrets and lies with a breathtaking finale.

London 1920 – Troubled young dancer, Lily, is invited to remote Elmridge House, home of the wealthy theatre benefactor Dr Cuthbertson to escape her troubled past. An isolated guest room and a surprise pregnancy leave her longing to return to the stage and her London life. She soon discovers that Elmridge House is not all that it seems – the house holds secrets which make it difficult for her to leave.

Missensham 1942 – Young nurse Ivy Watts is called out to a patient at Elmridge House, home of the aloof Mrs Cuthbertson and reclusive Dr Cuthbertson. Ivy is entranced by the opulence of the house and its glamorous past, but when she tells her mother about Mrs Cuthbertson, her mother becomes fearful and forbids her from returning to the house. What secrets does Elmridge House hold?

And why does Lily’s mother live in fear of the mysterious Mrs Cuthbertson?




Wonderful Read, Packed Full of Questions and Answers!  5-stars


A fantastic book! A wonderful stand-alone read – I didn’t realise until I finished that it was part of a series. In the 1920’s Lily ended an exhausting season as the prima dancer in a troupe and is invited to Dr. Cuthbertson’s large country home to rest and relax. But neither the doctor nor his home are what they first appear. Twenty two years later, in the same area, a young nurse attends a patient at the same house. Are the two events related? And if so, how? This is a riveting book; lots going on and every event has a question mark – or two surrounding it. Things unfold at their own pace, but this is far from a dull read! With plenty going on, both then and now, there is more than enough detail to keep the reader’s attention. Had I realised this was part of a series, I would have read the other books first but none of that takes away from the fact that this is an excellent stand-alone read and is very entertaining indeed. With lots of questions being raised, every one is answered before the final page – that’s my kind of read! Definitely an author to add to my ever growing list of ‘must read agains’.


Tags: historical fiction, women’s fiction
  • Format: ebook, paperback
  • Size: 380 pages
  • Publisher: Aria
  • Publication Date: 4 December 2018
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Meet the Author



Jennifer is the author of THE LIAR and THE MURDERESS published by Aria Fiction. Her novels involve the themes of family, betrayal and love and are set in the home counties in the early 20th century. Jennifer lives in Devon with her young family and cat. She is busily working on her next novel.





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