Settling the Wind #Book Review

Written by Kari August




The harsh and rugged Colorado frontier of 1875 is not the type of place most would consider suitable for a recent widow to establish a home of her own. Yet that is exactly what Henrietta Schodde determines she will do as she impetuously buys a cabin in the newly forming settlement of Estes Park. Despite assurances from Henrietta that the locals appear amiable, her relatives are concerned and recruit the assistance of long-time family friend Collan Wallace, who unbeknownst to Henrietta, has also just begun homesteading in the area.
The last thing Collan desires is to watch over the woman who has been his nemesis since childhood. But the pair quickly realize that there is more than each other to fight about when they discover an unscrupulous Englishman, Lord Dunraven, is hungry for their land.
Endearing and engaging, Settling the Wind, is historical fiction based on actual events that reveals the courage of Colorado’s pioneers in the face of more struggles than they could have imagined.

Praise for Kari August: “Entertaining, original, exceptionally well written . . . impressive storytelling talents.” Midwest Book Review




Beautifully Crafted – A Cleverly Woven Tale!  5 stars


It’s quite some time since I read a historical novel set in the frontier during the 19th century. Having enjoyed this one so much I wonder why I’ve waited so long!

Henrietta Schodde finds herself a young widow, living with her Clarissa – her sister, husband and their children. She feels quite out of place, and persuades her older sister that she needs to take a trip by herself to come to terms with widowhood. Setting out for a newly formed settlement, she unexpectedly finds herself feeling at home and buys a cabin there. We follow Henrietta as she finds her feet – both physically and emotionally – in Estes Park and makes the most unlikely of friends. Then her brother – under pressure from Clarissa to get Henrietta to return to the bosom of her family – contacts a long time family friend who is in the Estes Park area and asks him to check up on her.

What follows is a wonderfully warm tale. The author really knows how to grab the reader and pull them in between the pages until you almost believe that you can step outside the cabin with the great view of the mountains. Beautifully crafted, this is a really cleverly woven tale, encompassing just about every emotion going and it has some really funny laugh-out-loud moments. There is always something going on .. the characters are varied and charismatic; the story is one which will keep you glued til the very end when you will find you have a feeling of warmth and satisfaction. Would I recommend it? You bet I would!

My immense thanks to author Kari August for bringing her book to my attention. This is my honest, original and unbiased review.


Tags: historical fiction


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  • Print Length: 411 pages
  • Publication Date: 2 May 2018
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